Friday, September 30, 2011

Run Less, Run Faster --- Weeks 5-10

I’m {more than} halfway through my 20 week training plan for the Urban Cow Half marathon and the California International Marathon {as well as a few other races}.   

Since my last update my running has continued to improve.  I’m frequently blowing my pace times out of the water, I set a new 5k PR and a new 10k PR, I ran a new race distance, I ran an impromptu hometown race, I added another half marathon to my race schedule, and I’m getting ready to run my first “A” race of the fall season.

Wks 1-5 = 144.96 miles

Wk6 = 37.01
Wk7 = 34.60
Wk8 = 29.22
Wk9 = 37.28
Wk10 = 19.55

Total = 157.66

# of missed runs {wks 6-10} = 1
# of missed runs overall = 2
# of days cross training {wks 6-10} = 9 
# of days cross training overall = 16
# of strength workouts {wks 6-10} = 6
# of strength workouts overall = 12

During the sixth week of training I continued to incorporate the NROLFW workouts into my strength routines.  I also surpassed the 100 mile mark {in a single month} for the first time ever!  I ran a 5k tempo run which was dubbed my “fastest 5k time ever” {until a 5k race a couple of weeks later}.


During the seventh week of training I ran a 5k race and set a new PR.  I had talked about my goals before the race and was hoping for a 30 minute 5k {based on my speedy tempo 5k run in week six} and was amazed when I crossed the finish line with a sub-30 time and an sub-9 minute/mile pace overall!


During the eighth week of training the husband and I spent an afternoon riding our bikes around town.  I started to experience some tightness in my right quad/groin that I’m still dealing with.  I also ran a new race distance


During the ninth week of training we added an additional half marathon to our race schedule for the fall and I ran the 5k distance in the Racing for Babes 2nd Annual Rock Your Socks Virtual Race.  I also ran a 16 mile training run where I surpassed my Urban Cow Half marathon goal {2:30 or under} at the 13.1 split!  This was also my highest mileage week to date :)

And finally during the tenth week of training I had a few setbacks.  I took some extra rest days due to my right quad/groin still bothering me and a mid-week migraine.  Even though I skipped my tempo run I still managed a great speed workout and ended up running an impromptu 10k race in my hometown where I set a new 10k PR


I’m still very happy with the way my training is going.  I missed another run during week 10 and a few more cross training sessions but I’m listening to my body and continuing to remain flexible and adaptable.  I continue to surprise myself with setting new PR’s, surpassing my goals, and exceeding my pace times --- as well as continuing on my weight loss journey.  My strength training has started to slip a little but I’m trying to keep it in my routine as often as possible. 

I know some people talk about how hard the Run Less Run Faster FIRST Training Plan is.  However, I do not feel this way.  I think this was the perfect program for me.  I don’t know if its because I had so much room to improve {with my running} and that is why I have not struggled with the pace times/goals of this plan or something else entirely --- but I’m happy with my adapted training plan from this program, and the improvements I’ve seen.  I’m very eager to put it to the test, again, in my first “A” race of the season this Sunday at the Urban Cow Half marathon. 

2 sleeps till half marathon day … and less than 9 weeks till marathon day!

What are you thoughts on the FIRST Training Program?  Have you heard about it before?  Any personal experiences?


ajh said...

What are the things you like most about the program? I have heard of it but I don't know much. Do you train less frequently?

JenWa098 said...

I know Carrie at Maine Mom on the Run is following it (FIRST). I am interested in learning more, but not so interested I have done anything about it!

I like to look over various plans and piece-meal them together. I imagine that will NOT work out for me at some point!

That Pink Girl said...

I've followed RLFR for my last two marathons as well as ,y upcoming race. (MCM in Oct)
I swear by it! I have a wonky hip that's prone to injury and the lower mileage (I think) helps keep me injury free. And then speed work is fun! Plus, only running 3 days a week means NO EXCUSES for not running AND leaves me plenty of time for cycling, my favorite cross training activity!
Glad you are having so much success with it!