Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Speed work – Mile Repeats: Wk8 {Fall Race Training}

Last week I mentioned that I was feeling a little burnt out after my Tuesday speed workout.  I contemplated taking a week off from the track and after having some major muscle tightness in my right quad and then my SIL decided to switch her speed workouts to Thursday and stop going to the track on Tuesday’s, so yesterday was a perfect opportunity for me to skip the track and do an easier workout. 

Instead of running mile repeats at the track I decided to run locally in my neighborhood and keep an easy pace instead of pushing it.  I went out to a paved trail that is smooth, level, long, and straight.  A perfect place for speed workout without the track!  I run this section of trail quite frequently.  In fact I was just here on Sunday when I ran 7 miles and last week when I ran 14

Warm-up:  1.0 / 15:33

3x1600 @ 10:02 easy
{400 walking RI between repeats}

I guess 10:30ish pace is my new easy pace.  My right quad did not want to cooperate during the workout and I stopped during all my resting intervals to stretch.  It finally started to feel better towards the end of the run but tightened back up once I got home. 

  • 1 – 10:33
  • 2 – 10:31
  • 3 – 10:17

Overall:  3.50 / 40:11

It was a nice change to avoid the track for this workout and it provided me with the break I needed from speed work.  My quad however has me worried for the remainder of my planned workouts this week and my 10 mile race on Sunday. 

Cool down:  0.30 / 5:44

My lower left leg was feeling very tight but overall my shin did not bother me during this workout.  I took an ice bath for the shins when I got home and then an Epsom salt bath for my quad after my legs had warmed back up from the ice bath. 


Here is a diagram of where the quad/groin is hurting.  Though its not as centralized since most of my quad was sore.  My range of motion was limited but after some quality time with my Foam Roller and The Stick last night I have a lot of relief today.  I am taking a rest day and plan to spend some time stretching and doing some light Yoga along with more time with the Foam Roller and The Stick.  Usually when my groin muscle is hurting so is my sciatica and piriformis but I’m not having any pain in that area.  But I am using my trusty tennis ball to roll the piriformis just in case though.  And my left shin was hurting bad last night so I elevated it while watching TV and slept with my Zensah compression sleeves and this morning it is feeling just fine.


Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

It really sounds like you are listening to your body. I don't think there is anything wrong with switching up your is necessary to be flexible sometimes. I hope you are feeling better. I sleep in my Zensah calf sleeves every night...well, I pretty much wear them 24/7!

JenWa098 said...

I read somewhere...might have been Runner's World, that most pain actually originates in the knee and shows up elsewhere. I know I have foot problems and that it shows up in weird places!