Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Speed Work: Wk10 {Fall Race Training}

I knew it was going to be hot on Tuesday afternoon/evening so instead of doing my speed work at the track in the heat I opted to run on the roads in the morning.  But I didn’t time my run very well … more on that later.

imageThe sun rising in my rearview mirror

I woke up early and had breakfast and got ready.  My right quad is still really bothering me so I spent some time stretching and using the Foam Roller before I left.  I drove to a nearby shopping center that is located right by the trail/sidewalk I wanted to run on.  I started with some plyos in the empty parking lot then did a warm-up,

imageMy empty parking lot of choice

Warm-up:  1.0 / 14:09

5x1200 @ 7:25
{400 walking RI between repeats}

1200s are my least favorite speed workout.  They just seem so hard.  Especially around a track.  But 1200s on the road were much easier.

CIMG6954 The trail I ran on – photo taken in August

The trail I ran on I am very familiar with as I run there quite often.  Its flat and straight.  Its in a residential area with two nearby high schools and one middle school.  Since I lacked proper insight into my planning of this run I got to enjoy dodging high schoolers and middle schoolers on their way to school for the first 2 repeats so that sucked since they would see me coming on the trail and NOT MORE OR SHARE THE TRAIL.  I do not remember being that rude or inconsiderate when I was that age. 

Anyways.  Since I was out on the paved trail and not at the track I decided to set my Garmin up for interval training so I wouldn’t have to watch it the whole time.  I didn’t check my paces much while I was running and relied solely on the Garmin to beep and tell me when to walk my recovery or run my fastest for 1200 meters.

  • 6:59 {9:19 pace}
  • 6:47 {9:03 pace}
  • 6:46 {9:01 pace}
  • 7:06 {9:28 pace}
  • 7:02 {9:22 pace}

Overall:  5.0 / 56:50

Once I was finished with the workout I was surprised when I check my times.  I didn’t feel like I was running fast enough to blow my pace times out of the water but that pretty much what I did.  Speed work works yo.  I’m a full believer!  LOL.  I had less than a half mile back to my car so I walked a cool down then stretched in the empty parking lot {that really wasn’t empty anymore} before heading home.

Cool down:  0.40 / 8:00

My right quad was hurting on the last two repeats.  I could feel a decrease in my range of motion.  When I got home I did some more stretching, took an ice bath in my 5 gallon bucket for my shins, and then spent some time with my Foam Roller.  I was looking forward to some cross training today but, lucky me, I got a migraine last night that is still lingering.  It was the worst at 3:30 this morning when the husband got up to hit the dark streets for his speed work for the week.  I popped some pain killers and had the husband bring me an ice pack before he left.  When I got up several hours later it was still raging and continues to come and go in waves.  Fun.  On the flip side, my right quad is feeling marginally better today.  Figures.   


P said...

Ugh, so sorry about your migraine! But awesome job kicking booty on your speedwork!! I love surprising myself like that!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Great job on the run in spite of the sore quad! Sorry about the headache =(

giraffy said...

NICE speedowrk! I'm so excited to see how you do at Four Bridges! I'm totally going to use your time as a guide for Long Beach :D