Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Last Wednesday I had an appointment for a haircut.  Just a trim and some wispy layers were added to frame my face.  Then by Friday I had decided that I wanted to chop more off.  Keep in mind it was only shoulder length.  So I called and made another appointment.  I went back in yesterday and had another two inches cut off.  Now its chin length.  I think I’ve finally found my happy place for my hair length :)


2.  I have had a serious lack of motivation this week.  It doesn’t help that I was struck with a migraine on Tuesday evening that is still lingering and the only thing I want to do when I have a migraine is to lay around in bed or on the couch and watch TV.  Thankfully, since its Fall TV Season, I’ve got plenty of shows on my DVR to keep me busy.


3.  I’m skipping my planned tempo run today.  My right leg is really bothering me.  It manifests differently daily --- some days it hurts in my groin muscles, some days in my IT band, some days in my piriformis, some days in my hamstring.  Its very strange.  Today my hip is feeling super tight and I’ve got a case of dead leg feeling.  And twinges in my groin muscle.  I’ve been doing lots and lots of stretching and yoga moves, using the Foam Roller 3+ times a day, massaging my sciatica/piriformis with my tennis ball.  I get temporarily relief from all of this but not lasting relief.  I’m beginning to get worried that this is going to continue to linger and with my half marathon only 1.5 weeks away I decided it was well past time for me to take a break and see if I can get past this.  


Happy Thursday!
What’s on your mind today?

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JenWa098 said...

So...I am sure you mention somewhere...but have you been to a chiropractor for your low back? I have multiple "issues" that could bore a blog reader to death, but often my issues take root in the spine...even things with the leg. So if your low back is out, it might affect the hip, which might affect everything else...just a thought...Or maybe you have another diagnosis and I am talking out my butt.