Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Race Goals

I’m running a half marathon on Sunday!  This will be my third half marathon and my second time running this race.  I’m kind of looking for redemption from the Urban Cow Half since I crashed and burned last year.  I finished and that is my current half marathon PR but it wasn’t pretty.  I ended up walking a lot more than I planned and my official race time was not as good as some of my training runs at this time last year.  I didn’t fuel properly during the race and paid for it.  This year its going to be different!  I’ll also be running “solo” --- the husband and lots of fellow running buddies as well as two of my cousins and my SIL will be at the race but I’m not “running” with anyone. 

  • “A” Goal --- finish in 2:30 or under {this is what I’ve been training for}
  • “B” Goal --- finish in under 2:42 for a new PR {2:42:49 is my current PR}
  • “C” Goal --- finish {before “the cows come home”}

Other goals:  use the restroom before the start so I don’t have to go right away like last year, don’t go out too fast at the start, walk if/when needed, fuel early and often, drink plenty of water, walk through the water stops if needed, pick up the pace and/or fartlek for the last 5k of the race if possible, enjoy the experience and HAVE FUN

2.  Race shirts

We picked up our training group shirts last weekend for the race this weekend and they are so awesome.  I love them!  They are neon green with black cow spots all over them.  BUT we don’t know yet if we will be wearing them on race day … the SIL was working with a friend of hers to get me, the husband, and herself custom tech shirts made to wear on race day --- but I haven’t yet heard from her if they got finished or not.  I guess its going to be a last minute decision.  {I don’t really follow the “don’t wear anything new on race day” rule for shirts --- bad, I know}.

3.  Race nightmares

Last night I had a dream that we were in the port-o-potty line when the race started and then had to huff it about a mile to the starting line.  Yikes!  Thankfully there are lots & lots of port-o-potties at this race and they are actually right next to the starting line.  I’ll be making sure to get in line ASAP. 


Happy Thursday!
Have you had any pre-race nightmares?


Maureen said...

I'll bet you'll crush your goals! Either way have fun!

Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

Have fun at the half! You are going to do great!

JenWa098 said...

Ditto on Maureen and Carrie: Just relax and have fun! You are well trained and prepared! I can't wait to read the report! Grrrrlllll power!

ajh said...

Use the bathroom 5 or 6 times!
Have fun! Half marathons are the best.
Post a picture of the shirt.

giraffy said...

You are going to KILL the half!!