Thursday, September 15, 2011

Track Workout: Wk9 {Fall Race Training}

Last weeks break away from the track was just what I needed.  This week the husband and I headed to the track on Tuesday night for a workout.  My quad/groin is still bothering me so I didn’t know how this workout was going to go and I was ready to cut it short if I needed to.  Thankfully it ended up being a great workout.


Warm-up walk/jog + plyos:  0.93 / 15:49

10x400 {goal = 2:24}
with 90sec RI between repeats

I started the first repeat nice and easy and tried to keep a steady pace continuously.  All the repeats felt good and I never felt like I was pushing too hard.  My quad was bothersome and I felt like it was holding me back.  Right before I started I decided I was going to walk the resting intervals instead of standing around for the 90 seconds.  I liked this much better and so did my legs!

  • 2:25 {9:42 pace}
  • 2:19 {9:17 pace}
  • 2:18 {9:15 pace}
  • 2:21 {9:29 pace}
  • 2:19 {9:20 pace}
  • 2:18 {9:19 pace}
  • 2:22 {9:31 pace}
  • 2:20 {9:25 pace}
  • 2:13 {8:59 pace}
  • 2:04 {8:19 pace}

Overall:  3.34 / 38:22


I really pushed it during the last two intervals.  The wind had picked up which made the last two laps feel harder.  I was getting tired so on the last repeat I dug deep and ran as fast as my short little legs would let me going into the head wind.  So close to sub-2 minutes … something to work towards.


Cool down:  0.50 / 10:00


The husband took the photos of me running during his rest intervals {all except for the first one which I snapped a few weeks ago at the track}.  I think they turned out pretty good and its nice to see my form :)


P said...

Great job picking it up for the last two intervals - super speedy!!

Raina said...

AWESOME job !! And I hear that gravel slows you down, so bonus points for that. :)

Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

You did an awesome job on the track! I imagine it's got to be harder running on a dirt one. Way to kick some butt!

Maureen said...

Awesome photos! Definitely looks like you're one serious runner!!

Crossfit said...

Nice photos and the place, awesome place to do some workout. Great job on the track. Keep it up !