Friday, September 9, 2011

Weight Watchers --- Week 15 & 16

I’m still sticking with my weight loss goals and tracking all my food with the WW program online.  I’m very happy with my weight loss to date and I’m hopeful to continue to loose weight to reach my goal.  I’m happy that I’ve been able to maintain a loss each week even during half & full marathon training.  I still, and probably always will, face some obstacles {alcoholic beverages, sweet treats, going out to eat, over snacking, etc.} but I face each obstacle as it arises and then do my best.   That’s really all I can ask of myself.  I am, however, a little disappointed that I have not lost more after 16+ weeks but I know where the set backs occurred so I’m focusing on the future instead of dwelling on the past.  Most my clothes don’t fit anymore and some clothes that I’ve been hanging on to for years finally fit again.  I’ve been trying to change up my cross training workout routines on non-running days {not always doing just the elliptical} and I’ve started to add in some weight training, though that has been temporarily sidelined due to a nagging quad muscle issue I’m having.  Tracking my food/points and measuring everything has become so routine for me.   As of today {09.09.11} its been 20 days since we’ve eaten out.  We are trying to break our previous record of 35 days in an attempt to save money, eat up food in our freezer, help with my weight loss goals, and to control the foods we are eating for optimum training. 

Beginning Weight {05.16.11} = 150.2
Wk1 = 147.4 --- Wk2 = 147.2 --- Wk3 = 145.8
Wk4 = 143.8 --- Wk5 = 141.4 --- Wk6 = 141.8
Wk7 = 140.4 --- Wk8 = 140.4 --- Wk9 = 140.8
Wk10 = 139.8 --- Wk11 = 138 --- Wk12 = 139.2
Wk13 = 141.4 --- Wk14 = 139.6

Week 15 {08.22.11 – 08.28.11}
Weigh-in {08.29.11} = 138.6
Week 15 Loss = –1
Total Weight Loss = 11.6
I earned 72 activity points
I exercised everyday
*I hosted a potluck/BBQ get-together on Sunday 08.28 and tried to accurately enter my points based on all the yummy food that was shared. 

Week 16 {08.29.11 – 09.04.11}
Weigh-in {09.05.11} = 137.6
Week 16 Weight Loss = –1
Total Weight Loss = –12.6
I earned 55 activity points
I exercised everyday
*I was able to enjoy a homemade pizza dinner and champagne to celebrate my 5k race, PR, and first place in my age group. 


cql said...

Awesome job!! I'm a WW leader, do you go to the meetings too or just online?

JenWa098 said...

Staying committed is hard work! You are an inspiration!