Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Confessions, V2

Confession #1 – I’ve done way too much shopping lately, both online and in retails stores.  At least I have some cold weather running gear and new fall boots and sweaters.  Oh vey.

Confession #2 – I’ve been very bad about reading blogs and commenting lately and my Google Reader is getting quite full!

Confession #3 – I started my September Monthly Recap before September ended but haven’t finished it yet.  I also have not started writing my Fall Race Training Wk 11 or Wk12 weekly recaps either.  I’ve been a big slacker lately.

Confession #4 – One of the main reasons I’ve been slacking so much lately is that I’ll sit down at my computer and then get sucked into a vortex of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other random online time suckage. 

Confession #5 – I haven’t done any structured cleaning from the 30 Day Cleaning Schedule in a couple of weeks.  That’s not to say my house is a disaster, but it could definitely use some work.  Now that I’ve put that out there --- we all know what I’ll be doing today!

Confession #6 – As much as I love TV I have not been very interested in sitting down to watch any shows.  My DVRs are filling up quickly! 

Confession #7 – When I went home to stay with my mom for a few days last week it was really hard for me to leave.  I wish my mom lived closer :(

Confession #8 – I discovered Peppermint Ice Cream {but I can’t remember which blogger mentioned it} and I’m in love.  I have a feeling that it won’t last long in this house!

Confession #9 – I abandoned the NROLFW workouts.  I was really enjoying them and then my right quad/groin started giving me grief and now I’ve lost my motivation to follow the program.  My cross training has also been seriously lacking lately and yesterday I finally went to the gym and spent some quality time with the elliptical and it felt good.  I also did some strength moves but not any structured NROLFW workouts.

Confession #10 – I never blogged about my summer garden, which is now done producing vegetables.  I worked hard to get it ready back in the spring so I think I’ll do a recap post about it.  Thanks for the reminder Marcia :)


END boring post. 

I’ve got twelve 400 repeats on my speed work schedule for today that I am not excited about.  At least its not raining.  As much as I do like to run in the rain occasionally, doing speed work in the rain would not be fun. 


Happy Tuesday!

Got anything to confess?

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