Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Easy Run #1: Wk15 {Fall Race Training}

Today’s run was suppose to be a speed workout --- 4x1600’s --- but my sports doc advised that I skip my speed workout this week and do an easy 3 mile run instead to test my body and see how I’m feeling after my treatment yesterday. 

I started with a warm-up with some dynamic stretches, plyos and a few jogs.

Warm-up:  0.61/10:01

After my warm-up I started running.  I spent most of the first mile checking my pace and tuned into my leg for aches, pains, twinges, etc.  I also focused on my arm swing.  At the end of the first mile I stopped to walk for a bit to see how  my leg was feeling and to do a little stretching.  For the second mile I went back and forth from focusing on my arm swing and focusing on my “lean”.  I tried to focus on my cadence a few times my hamstring felt too tight.  I stopped again after the second mile to walk for a bit and to see how I was feeling.  For the third mile I zoned out from my Garmin and continued to go back and forth from focusing on my arm swing and my “lean”.  My third mile was my fastest but I never felt like I was pushing too hard. 

  • Mile 1 – 10:39
  • Mile 2 – 10:11
  • Mile 3 – 9:53

Overall:  3.22/34:40/10:46 avg

During the entire run my leg felt tight but I didn’t have any the pain I had been having {in the lower calf or behind the knee}.  Towards the end of the last mile I started to get a pulling/tightness in my groin muscle up the inside of my right quad.  And my right hamstring remained very tight during the whole run.  After I finished the run and during my cool down I had some pain twinges at the bottom of my calf and up the inside of my shin towards my knee when I would lift up my leg {like to stretch or untie my shoes}. 

Cool down:  0.39/7:18

Once I got home I took a long warm shower {it was chilly out this morning in the low 50s --- I wore a long sleeve tech shirt --- fall has arrived} and then an ice bath in my five gallon bucket for my lower legs.  The pressure feeling in the right leg remained for a while but I felt better as the day progressed and took Lucy for a long walk this evening. 

Walk with Lucy:  2.57/49:04

I had some tightness during our walk but no pain.  After the walk I did some light yoga stretches and some foam rolling.  I felt some twinges of pain in my lower right calf during the yoga poses and I used my tennis ball on my right buttock area and some of the pressure feeling in my leg was relieved.  I am feeling A LOT better than I was --- not back to 100% but definitely better :)

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