Sunday, October 23, 2011

Long Run – 20 miles: Wk14 {Fall Race Training}

Another Saturday … another long training run done :)

6 weeks till marathon day!!!


Yesterday was our third long run with our CIM training buddies.  Next week is a step back week.  One of our training buddies will be out of town and the rest of us will be running the Lake Natoma Four Bridges Half Marathon which is named “the perfect training run for the California International Marathon”. 

We met up again at 5:45am to carpool up to Folsom and got started just after 6:30am.  The sun had yet to rise but just before the 5 mile mark we arrived at Beals Point on Folsom Lake just as the sun was cresting the moutains :)

We stuck to our run/walk 9:1 interval plan for 20 miles.  Our run started on “big bertha” {as the husband and I call it} which is a long steady hill that is almost 2 miles long and gains almost 200 feet in elevation.  Once you crest this long, big hill you continue to climb another 100 feet through some rolling hills until you reach another big hill with another 100 foot climb --- but this hill only last about a quarter of a mile --- then you’ve reached Beals Point.  There are a few levee’s you can run on or, as the husband always chooses, there are some hilly gravel fire roads.  I stay up on the levee’s to enjoy the view of the rising sun and the lake :)

CIMG7622 One of the levee roads

CIMG7614 The husband & friend on the gravel fire roads below the levee

CIMG7627View of the valley from the levee


At mile 5 we turned around and headed back down towards our starting location --- which meant it was mostly downhill from mile 5-10.  I enjoyed being in “cruise control” while we headed back down “big bertha”.  Once we got to mile 9ish we headed away from our starting point for a loop around Lake Natoma.  We went the opposite way we normally do and it was a nice change.  It was also nice to have the big hills done early in the run :)

CIMG7629Getting ready to descend “big bertha”

CIMG7631Half way done!!!

CIMG7635Lake Natoma


CIMG7642Fishermen at the Nimbus Dam

CIMG7644Map of trails around Lake Natoma


Unfortunately around the half marathon split one of our training buddies started to get some tightness in her groin muscle.  Another friend we were running with offered to give her a ride from the Nimbus Dam area back up to Folsom to our car to wait for us to finish up.  She was able to stretch and rest for a little while and felt better once our friend dropped her off so she hopped back on the trail and ran/walked towards us.  We met up with her with about 2.5 miles to go but she needed to go a little farther out so the husband turned around and ran with her and me and our other running buddy continued on.  I’ve dealt with groin issues {A LOT --- in the past and recently} so I know how she was feeling.  I also know how much it sucks to end a training run short.  She was determine to get to 20 miles … and even though she had to slow down and walk more she did it :)

Overall:  20.0/3:49:51/11:29 avg

elevation 10.22.11Elevation map from my Garmin


The only 20 mile training run that the husband and I did last year took us 4hrs 45mins.  Yesterday I finished in under 4 hours!  Overall I felt pretty good during the whole run.  I had some tightness in my right leg {the leg that has been giving me issues} but nothing too troublesome or severe.  Occasionally my calf would get tense and shot pains up and down my leg up but only if I had been stopped for longer than a minute or two {like at bathroom breaks or if I got too far ahead of the others and stopped to wait --- which happened a few times after our friend started to get some groin pain}.

Last week me and the girls struggled big time with stomach issues, cramping, the heat and humidity.  This week, with the exception of the groin issue of the one friend, we all had a much better run.  Last weeks average was 11:44 --- this weeks was 11:29 {which is closer to where we’d like to be for race day}.

We had another friend that joined us and only ran the first 10 miles with us today and we met up with another running buddy near mile 5 also.  So the husband ran with them a little bit {they would run ahead then turn around and run back towards me and the girls} and the husband also ran the fire roads while the rest of us were up on the levee’s AND he turned around to run with our running buddy when we ran into her on the trail after her groin issue.  SO, all in all, the husband actually ran 22 miles yesterday {in 4:13:40}.

CIMG7652 Under the Greenback Bridge

 CIMG765620 miles DONE :)

CIMG7658Twenty two miles :)

I think we are all looking forward to a step back week next week and then we’ll be doing 20 miles again. 
We’ve also got a 22 miler planed before we start to “taper”. 
Six weeks to go!!!


Notes on splits/times:
13.1 mile split = 2:29:19, 11:23 avg
18 mile split = 3:26ish {last week 3:31; two weeks ago 3:29}

Pre-run breakfast = 1/2 whole wheat bagel thin with butter
Powerbar Gel Tangerine @ 30min
Powerbar Gel Raspberry Cream @ 1:15
Powerbar Gel Tangerine @ 2:00
Powerbar Gel Raspberry Cream @ 2:45
Welch’s Fruit Snacks @ 3:20, 3:40 & at the finish
Water & 1 NUUN in my Camelbak
Post run drive home snacks:  pretzels, Powerade Zero, 1/2 Chocolate Chip Clif Bar
WW activity points earned = 38
*I realized yesterday that I don’t take “stopped” time into consideration when I am fueling.  So I might be fueling every 45min but sometimes if we’ve stopped for a bathroom break or to stretch or something then it could be longer than 45min.  Overall I felt really good.  My stomach was feeling a little full and I didn’t want a 5th gel so that’s why I started eating fruit snacks the last hour instead.  I started to feel like I was going to crash the last 15min but I knew we were almost finish and once we stopped I ate a 3rd package of fruit snacks and felt better.  Drinking the Powerade Zero and eating the salty pretzels on the way home really help also.


Maureen said...

What a fun way to get in your long runs! It looks so pretty too. I wish I could join you guys. Only 6 more weeks! I can't believe it.

L.B. said...

Great job getting in your long run! It's nice to be able to split it up into sections, five miles one way and five miles the other doesn't seem that daunting. Nice pics too!

giraffy said...

Nice run!! Beatuiful trail :)