Saturday, October 8, 2011

Long Run: Wk12 {Fall Race Training}

It was a beautiful morning for a long run!

This morning we met up with two of our running buddies from The Running Zone who we are running CIM with in December.  This was our first long run together since they were running with the group all summer while we’ve been running with a few other running buddies in Folsom.  The husband & I had 18 miles planned while our friends had 15 --- a new distance record for both of them since CIM will be their FIRST full marathon :)

Our morning started early, of course, and we met up to caravan at 5:45am.  Once we got to our starting location at Lake Natoma we also met up with a couple of other running buddies who were doing 11 miles.  We spent a few minutes doing some stretching and plyos in the parking lot then the 6 of us started together.  Eventually our other running buddies went ahead while our group stuck to our planned run/walk method. 

The husband & I and our running group buddies that we are running CIM with have decided to do a run/walk for both the marathon and all our long training runs leading up to race day.  This morning we decided to use a 9:1 ratio of run/walk and see if that will work for us.  I set up my Garmin to interval training and off we went.  It was so nice to have the beeps from the Garmin to tell us when to walk and when to run --- no one had to watch the time, we just ran :)

It was still dark when we got started but it was almost time for the sunrise so the sky started to lighten up quickly.  This was the first time our running buddies have ran in this area with us and they were both commenting on how beautiful it is and how nice of a change it is from running the rural streets in our town.  We each had one headphone in and chatted away.  The miles and the time flew by and the 9:1 run/walk ratio was working perfectly.  We maintained a nice even pace while we were running and we all felt that this time ratio will work perfectly for training and the marathon. 

CIMG7501 CIMG7500 
We did an out and back loop around the lake and turned around at mile 7.5 so that we could drop our running buddies back at the cars at 15 miles then the husband & I would head back out to finish our miles.  Before I knew it we had reached the turn around point at Folsom Dam where we stopped for a few minutes to take some photos.

CIMG7508 10.08.11 -2 
Its so fun to run with friends!  There was never a shortage of conversation and the pace was nice and easy.  Everyone was feeling good and we all had a great run. Just like the first half of the run, the second half flew by and we were done with 15 miles!  We stopped again at the cars to drop our friends off and took a few more photos.

15.10 / 2:57:19 / 11:44 avg


10.08.1115 miles done!  A new distance record for our running buddies :)


After saying goodbye to our running buddies the husband and I headed back out for just under 3 miles to finish up our run. 

2.9 / 32:26 / 11:11 avg

Overall:  18.0 / 3:29:45 / 11:39 avg

Since my Garmin was set up to do intervals I have no idea what our mile splits were.  And, I don’t care!  It was nice to run by feel and at an easy pace and not worrying about what my watch said.  Occasionally I would check our overall pace or our current pace but for the most part I just listened for the beeps to tell us when to walk and when to run.

We walked a cool down back to our car and then spent a good 20 minutes stretching before heading home. 

Cool down:  0.31 / 7:01

Like I said earlier, it was such a beautiful morning for a run.  The weather was perfect, a cool 50 degrees when we started.  We had great company, saw a beautiful sunrise, and everyone felt greatI’m very excited to run and train with my running friends for CIM :)


Pre-run breakfast:  Whole Wheat Bagel Thin {plain}
Powerbar Gel Tangerine @ 20 min
Powerbar Gel Raspberry Cream @ 1 hr
Powerbar Gel Tangerine @ 1:40
Powerbar Gel Raspberry Cream @ 2:30
Welch’s Fruit Snacks @ 3:00
Water & 1 NUUN in my Camelbak
Post run drive home snacks: pretzel sticks and 1/2 a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar {shared with the husband}
WW activity points earned = 32

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