Saturday, October 15, 2011

Long Run: Wk13 {Fall Race Training}

CIMG7543 Another beautiful morning for a long run! 
I am really enjoying watching the sunrise on these runs :)


This week was our second long run with our fellow CIM training buddies from our training group from The Running ZoneLast week the husband & I ran 15 miles with our training buddies then we finished up with 3 more for 18 total.  Our friends wanted to do 18 today so the husband and I decided another 18 miler would be perfect since we dropped a race from our fall race schedule and we have a little bit more flexibility in our training plan. 

Of course we started bright and early again and met up again at 5:45am to carpool/caravan.  Another friend from our training group who is not running CIM but is running the half marathon we are running at the end of the month {of which the course is actually on the trails we run in Folsom} also ran with us today.  He wanted to do 12 miles at a 9 min/mile pace so the husband ran with him and then the husband finished up 6 more miles solo afterwards for 18.  Me and the girls stuck with our run/walk 9:1 plan for 18 miles and overall had a good run.

CIMG7548 CIMG7546 
Just like last week the miles and time flew by.  Another running buddy, who the husband & I have been running with up in Folsom frequently the last few months, ran the first 6 miles with me and the girls before he turned around to head back.  Us girls did an out and back loop around the lake and turned around at mile 9 which got us up past the CIM start and to Beal Point at Folsom Lake. 

CIMG7549Folsom Lake at Beals Point

CIMG7551  Half way done!!!

CIMG7552A mileage sign that shows the distance from Beals Point to other locations on the America River Bikeway. 
We were headed back to Hazel Avenue!

It was very fall like on the trail with leaves everywhere.  However the temps did not feel fall like for long.  For most of the first half we had cooler temps than we did for the second half though it was warmer than last week {when I wore arm sleeves for more than half the run and an ear warmer}.  When we were on the levee road at Beals Point at the turn around point there was a nice breeze.  But on our way back the temps continued to rise, nearing 80 degrees by the time we were done, and it was very muggy and humid. 


CIMG7558  CIMG7578  CIMG7592

Like I said last weekits so fun to run with friends.  Even though we were all struggling with the humidity and mugginess and rising temps for the last few miles we each motivated each other and kept each other going.  There were several untimed potty breaks and stretching breaks on today's run and with less than 1 mile left to go we ran into the husband who had gotten worried while waiting for us at the car and had headed back out to look for us.  We were fine and right on pace to finish in approximately the same amount of time as last week but with our untimed breaks it was longer than the husband anticipated for us to be done.  He ran the last little bit in with us and we finished!  Woohoo … 18 miles in the book for the second week in a row and a new distance record for our training buddies :)

Overall:  18.13/3:32:40/11:44 avg


Once back at the car we got some cold water from the cooler {we had all finished our water in our Camelbaks} and stretched and changed and … took pictures, of course!



It was another beautiful morning for a run.  The weather was less than ideal {an un-fall like} but WE FINISHED and now there are only 7 weeks to CIM :)


Notes on splits/times:
We passed the 13.1 split at 2:35ish, we passed 15.1 {our distance last week} at 2:56:36 {last week was 2:57:19} and we passed the 18 mile mark at 3:31:16 {last week the husband and I did 18 in 3:29:45}.  Total mileage today was 18.13 in 3:32:40.


Pre-run breakfast:  1/2 whole wheat bagel thin with butter
Powerbar Gel Tangerine @ 45min
Powerbar Gel Raspberry Cream @ 1:30
Powerbar Gel Tangerine @ 2:15
Water & 1 NUUN in my Camelbak
Post run drive home snacks:  pretzels and a Powerade Zero
WW activity points earned = 33
*After last week I felt over fueled so I decided to fuel every 45min today and until that last few miles when my stomach was starting to revolt this worked well for me.  I should have had another gel at 3hrs but my stomach had started to churn around mile 15ish and I could get it down.  I ended up tossing it.  In hindsight I should have tried for some chews or chomps or fruit snacks instead and I will keep this in mind in the future.  And I think I will stick with the fueling every 45min unless I need to change it.

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