Sunday, October 2, 2011

Race Recap: Urban Cow Half Marathon {10.02.11} + a NEW PR

image “A race like no udder”

CIMG7460 Cow bell finisher medal, commemorative pint class with logo, race bib, and tech shirt

Today was race day!  After weeks of training and a few other races already completed for fall race season, I was so excited and ready for today’s Urban Cow Half Marathon.  It was an amazing day.  I absolutely LOVE this event.  

CIMG7426 My race bib --- I knew it was going to be a great race when I saw my bib number, 3 is my favorite number :)

I don’t know if I can put into words how I’m feeling so I’m just going to try to recap the day as best I can.  I did not take any photos while I was racing.  I zoned out listening to my music and ran while chatting occasionally with fellow training group members and running buddies out on the course.  I did get lots of pre-race and post race photos that I’ll share.

CIMG7428 The SIL, husband & I pre-race in the custom tech shirts the SIL had made for us

CIMG7429The front of the shirt had three cows running, one for each of us based on height, and said “WILL RUN FOR BEER”

Close up of cows on our custom tech shirts

CIMG7430 The back of the shirts said:  STAY STRONG, BE BOLD, KEEP MOVING --- I repeated this mantra over and over and over during the race, especially the “KEEP MOVING” part

Close up of our “mantra” on the back of our shirts

CIMG7431Posing in a “runners stance” like the cows on the shirt :)

We got up at 4:30am to get ready for race day.  We had laid out all our race gear last night and the SIL was scheduled to arrive at our place at 5:45am to carpool to the race.  Another friend also rode with us to the start.  We actually parked about 3/4 of a mile away at one of the husband’s co-workers house who hosted us as well as several other running buddies at his home this morning for pre-race coffee, bagels, bananas and indoor plumbing usage.  At 6:50ish we started walking over to Land Park to drop some gear off at sweat check, meet up with our training group members, and use the port-o-potties.  We found out yesterday that our training group from The Running Zone actually had our own designated port-o-potty at our tent!  It was awesome.  I only had to wait in line for less than 10 minutes.  The other port-o-potty lines were crazy! 

image The husband & I pre-race, waiting in line for the sweat check

I lined up to start with about 5 minutes to go and before I knew it we started mooooving --- slowly but surely.  It probably took a good 3-5 minutes for me to get over the starting line.  With 4000+ other runners {between the half marathon and the half marathon relay} it was a crowded start, even on the wide road in the park.  The first mile continued to be crowded and it finally started to thin out during mile 2 and 3. 

A lot of the race is a blur.  I zoned out to my iPod and ran.  I took the first mile at a nice and easy pace and then once the crowd thinned enough I started to pick up the pace.  My goal was to run the first 5 miles at an easy pace, pick up the pace for miles 6-10, and then fartlek as much as possible for the final 5k to the finish.  I pretty much stuck to this strategy.  I had a few bursts of energy and here and there and ended up starting my fartleks between mile 7 and 8.  Right before mile 10 I passed my SIL and then I caught up with one of my running buddies from our training group and ran with her for about a mile.  I was definitely on track to PR and I knew I was going to beat my “A” goal time; at mile 11 I picked the pace back up and started fartleks again and by mile 12 I knew I could finish right around 2:15.  When I crossed that finish line I was so happy.  I really gave it all I had; I left everything on the course and powered to the finish.  I never walked, I powered up the hills, I ran fast when I could and easy when I couldn’t.  I gave it all I had and could not be happier with my new PR.  I was so happy and excited that I threw my hands up in the air as I crossed the timing mat --- I can’t wait to see how if my finish line photo turned out good or not. 

Official Results:  13.1 / 2:14:16 / 10:15 avg
Garmin Stats:  13.25 / 2:14:19 / 10:08 avg
155/350 in age group {F30-34}, 782/2103 females, 1713/3393 overall

A 28:33 PR --- previous best was 2:42:49 from this same race last year

First 5 miles = 52:41
Second 5 miles = 49:17
Last 5k+ = 32:15

Urban Cow 10.02.11 Garmin Stats Garmin Stats

CIMG7442 The SIL, the husband & I post race

CIMG7441Post race with our COW BELL finisher MEDALS :)

CIMG7446The husband & I post race after changing into our training group shirts

CIMG7450   Me and my running buddy Kat post race

imageThe husband & I enjoying our free Sudwerk beer sample post race


There are probably hundreds of details that I left out from my race recap but most important is that I finished, I beat my goal, I gave it all I had, I had an amazing time, I enjoyed every single minute of it – even powering up the hills, and my training really paid off by leading me to a 28+ minute PR :)

Now that the Urban Cow Half marathon is over we will be focusing more on CIM training.  A couple of our fellow training group friends and a few other running buddies will also be running CIM and hopefully we will all get to train together.  We’ve got a few other races scheduled between now and marathon day {a 20 mile race, a 5k and a Thanksgiving morning 10k} but CIM is our “A” goal.  I can’t wait to hit the trails with my husband and friends. 

Fueling info for reference:
Breakfast = a whole bagel thin with plain butter
Powerbar Tangerine Gel – 10 minutes before race start
Powerbar Raspberry Cream – at 1hr
Gu Chomps Cranberry Apple – 1 at 20min, 40 min, 1:20, 1:40, 1:50, 2:00
Camelbak filled with water and 1 NUUN tablet


ajh said...

That is a very impressive PR. Looks like the medals are cute!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jesse! This is an amazing time!!!!! You've worked so hard for this. :) Trinh

That Pink Girl said...

Wow, when you set a PR you do it right, girl! Way to go! Congratulations on a new PR and a great race!

Maureen said...

Fantastic job!! You beat my half PR by over a minute and a half! That looks like such a fun race and I love the medals. And nice job on the negative splits - that's pretty impressive.

Funny side note: my bib number for the Portland Marathon next Sunday is 3303. I'm taking this as a good sign!

JenWa098 said...

Awesome job! I love the PR and I love the medals! I think we would be good running partners!

I think 3's are lucky, but I never seem to get them! So then I thought maybe if the sum of the digits was 3 that would be lucky, but I don't get those EITHER!

Michelle said...

Great time! Congrats on a great run. Enjoy the rest of your training!!!