Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Speed Workout: Wk12 {Fall Race Training}

I felt pretty good after the race on Sunday ... but as Sunday wore on I started to get more sore. I had taken an ice bath when we got home from the race, around 12:30pm, and by the evening my quads and IT bands were super tight so I took an Epsom salt bath too. My legs were very achy and woke me up a couple of times during the night --- especially the dead leg feeling in my right leg. My right quad/groin/IT band didn't bother me during the race but by Sunday night they were especially bothersome. By Monday morning I was so sore in my quads and IT bands --- I felt like I had done 1,000 squats. It must have been from powering up and down the hills at the race. Let me tell you --- I made those hills my b*&%^@#. I powered up each and every one as fast and hard as I could and then coasted down the downhills too. On Monday it hurt to squat down or bend over, and even to get into and out of my car. On Monday evening I took Lucy for a walk while my mom and her neighbor rode their bikes. I was super stiff and very sore but after a few minutes of walking I decided to jog a little bit. After a minute or two the stiffness wore off and although I remained sore I did feel a little better. Lucy and I ended up jogging/walking just over 2 miles total. Lucy had a blast ... and I hoped that by using the muscles that were hurting then maybe the soreness would wear off sooner.

Tuesday morning the power went off at my mom's house at 5am. I woke up as soon as it went off and instantly felt like I was getting sick. I laid in bed for a little bit until Lucy started getting restless then I took her potty. I got back in bed and tried to go back to sleep for a little while --- my alarm was set for 6am because I wanted to go running at 8am. I finally got out of bed just before 7am and ate a cold un-toasted bagel since the power was still out. I also took some Airborne and a couple of Advil because I felt like I was coming down with a cold. Around 8:15 we left to drive up to the dam. My mom was going to walk while I did some speed work.

The dam is one mile long and flat. Its actually a perfect spot for speed work. The weather was cool, in the upper 50s, and there was no wind {its usually windy up on the dam} and although the skies were cloudy it didn't rain. I started with a walk/jog and plyos.

Warm-up: 0.36 / 7:00

7x800 @ 7:25
{walking 400 RI between repeats}

I was still very sore so I had no idea if I was going to be able to do this workout. But I figured I would at least give it a chance. And since I had been up for a while I was starting to feel better too. After the warm-up my legs felt pretty good so I got started with the workout. I set up my Garmin to do an interval workout so I wouldn't have to check my watch during the workout. I am really enjoying just running and waiting for the beeps to let me know when to rest or run again. I think I will continue to do my speed workouts like this even if I am at the track. It really helps me to stop checking my watch and to zone in on the workout. Since I was feeling a little under the weather and my legs were still sore I told myself I would take this workout one repeat at a time and if or when I felt like I had done enough or my legs couldn't do anymore I would stop. I knew I wasn't going to get 7 repeats in --- but I was hoping for at least 4. I ended up with 6 :)

  • 4:50 {9:42 pace}
  • 4:50 {9:41 pace}
  • 4:59 {9:59 pace}
  • 4:57 {9:56 pace}
  • 4:59 {10:00 pace}
  • 4:47 {9:35 pace}
Even though I wasn't at or below my pace goal {like I have been most weeks with my speed work} I am very happy with my times. I definitely felt like I was running slower than this due to my heavy sore legs so when I checked my stats when I was done I was happy to see all my paces were at or below 10min miles. I had to remind myself when I was running that I was sore because I just ran a hard, fast race on Sunday and its going to take my body a few days to heal. Today I am feeling much better. I got a much better nights sleep last night and I didn't wake up feeling sick again. I've got a 5 mile tempo run scheduled for tomorrow and then an 18 miler scheduled for this Saturday. I just hope my legs are feeling better by then :)

After I finished the speed work I walked/jogged for a cool down back to the car at the entrance to the dam where my mom was waiting for me. She walked for 2o minutes across the dam, almost the entire mile, then turned around and waited for me to finish. It was fun to see her a few times during my repeats while I was running back and forth across the dam.

Cool down: 0.54 / 8:31

All in all it was a good workout. I did better than I thought I was going to do and better than I felt like I was doing while I was running. Thankfully the soreness is really starting to wear off and hopefully by tomorrow when I run my tempo run my legs will be feeling even better than they are today.

I forgot to bring my camera with me on my run and I left my iPhone in my car. I snapped the one photo above with my phone after I was finished with my workout. Also I forgot how much I dislike composing a blog post on blogger --- at home I use Live Writer which is so much better but since I'm still at my mom's I am using blogger. Not fun, not fun at all.


Sam {} said...

i still haven't hopped on the live writer train...maybe i need to!

Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

It is certainly hard to get back out there after a tough race. I skipped my track workout yesterday to recover a little more. I'll be back on the wagon in the morning!