Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Speed Workout: Wk13 {Fall Race Training}

Since the temperatures are cooler lately now that fall has arrived I decided to sleep in a little bit this morning and head out for my run a little later than I have been.  I rolled out of bed around 7am and ate breakfast then wrote my confessions post from this morning before finally getting ready to head out.  I was not really looking forward to running today but I knew once I got out there I’d forget all about not wanting to be running alone and that’s exactly what happened. 

download4 Screen shot of my phone --- thankfully it was only in the mid-60s at 8:45am
That is Lucky ---
the kitty cat we had to put to sleep in July.  He is on my lock screen so I can see him everyday!

Once I was dressed and ready to go I drove over to a local Starbucks parking lot near a local paved trail and got started with a warm-up.

Warm-up:  0.64 / 10:00 {walk/jog + plyos}

Once I was warmed-up I set up my Garmin for interval training and got started.  The trail I decided to run on today is long, mostly straight and flat, and actually quite perfect for speed work and interval training.  There are a couple of small intersections with little traffic {if its the right time of day --- there is a lot of traffic during school drop off & pick up since there are a couple of high schools and middle schools nearby} and one large intersection.  A couple of sections of the trail are right around 1 mile +/- and I spent the majority of this run on those sections running back and forth.  I would run one direction then at the end of the interval I would turn around and walk back the opposite direction for my 90 second resting interval then turn around again when it was time to run again.  Rinse and repeat … 12 times!

Speed work:
12x400 @ 2:24
{90sec RI between repeats}

10.11 (5)

I’m sure I’ve said it before and that I’ll probably say it again but running intervals with the Garmin, instead of around a track, seems so much easier!  Not to mention that 400s are hard enough to make you really work but easy enough since they are over so quickly.  But 12 of them in a row is no joke.  I was happy to be on a straight trail instead of going around and around a track today.  I didn’t watch my paces, I just ran.  And I didn’t really have any landmarks to tell me how far I had gone or had left to go so I just ran as fast as I could, pumping my arms as fast as they would go, until I heard the beeps signaling for me to recover. 

  • 2:19 {9:18 pace}
  • 2:14 {8:56 pace}
  • 2:09 {8:39 pace}
  • 2:10 {8:42 pace}
  • 2:11 {8:46 pace}
  • 2:04 {8:18 pace}

After the sixth repeat I was close to the major intersection so I walked my 90 second recovery and then stopped my watch until I was on the other side of the street.  Then I started up again.  I’d say with the extra little walk + waiting time at the cross walk + crossing the street it was about an additional 2 minutes total.  A nice little break in between the first 6 repeats … and the last 6 repeats.

  • 2:11 {8:46 pace}
  • 2:07 {8:29 pace}
  • 2:07 {8:29 pace}
  • 2:10 {8:40 pace}
  • 2:05 {8:24 pace}
  • 1:57 {7:50 pace} ---> !?!?!?!?!?!

download 2 
After the 10th repeat I was really starting to get tired so I told myself to suck it up and run as hard as I could.  During the last repeat I pumped my arms as fast as they would go and busted out a sub-2 minute 400!  Wowzers.  These were by far the fastest 400s I’ve ran this training cycle … or ever.  All but the first, and last, repeats were in the 8:xx pace range --- and that last repeat was crazy fast {for me}.  I was breathing so hard and my arms were pumping like crazy … and all I could think was that this pace is how fast my husband runs all the time.  Crazy. 

Overall:  3.93 / 43:49

When ever I started to feel really tired during an interval or like I was slowing down I found myself repeating some of my favorite running mantras:

And I remembered to pump my arms knowing that the faster I pumped my arms --- the faster my legs would go! 

After 12 repeats of speedy 400s, I did a jog/walk cool down back to my car.

Cool down:  1.30 / 18:00 {walk/jog intervals}

And then I stretched in the parking lot before coming home for a recovery meal, a long hot shower, and an ice bath for my shins. 

10.11 (1) 
A lot of my not wanting to go running today had to do with running solo.  Running alone is something I’ve really embraced this year for the first time and while I enjoy my alone time pounding the pavement I do miss my running buddies, especially and the husband.  Once I got out the door this morning all the apprehension was gone.  I knew I would zone out during my run and forget that I was feeling lonely about running solo this morning.  And that’s exactly what happened.  Once I started my workout I was happy to be out there busting out my speed workout and not having to worry about anyone else except me.  Besides, I’ll have my buddies by my side on Saturday for another 18 mile long run.

*              *               *

An update about my left shin & right quad:  the left shin has not been bothersome for a couple of weeks now.  Its often tender to the touch but doesn’t hurt when walking or running.  The right quad is no longer giving me any issues but the issue has now moved more inside on the groin {where I’ve been having some twitching issue occasionally} and to behind the knee which is very troublesome.  Also, when I am using the foam roller on my hamstrings I get a painful sensation at the top of the right hamstring where the hamstring meets the buttocks.  I have no idea what this is or how to relieve it.  Using the foam roller makes it hurt too much and does not give relief.  I am assuming its related to the groin issue.  I noticed after doing some regular squats and door knob assisted deep squats yesterday that I have additional relief in my right leg.  I really think its a nerve issue at the base of my buttocks where they meet the hamstring.  Anyone have any other ideas or thoughts?

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