Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Speed Workout: Wk14 {Fall Race Training}

As I laid in bed this morning thinking about my run I decided I needed a change and headed to the park to run my speed workout on the trail there instead of the paved trail I’ve been doing my workouts on lately.  It was definitely a nice change of scenery :)

I started with a warm-up walk/jog.

Warm-up:  1.36/20:01

Speed work:
8x800 @ 4:43
{90sec RI between repeats}

The park has a decomposed granite trail that is 1.44 miles long and loops around the park.  Its {mostly} flat and smooth with only a few tight corners.  You also have to cross the {park} street three times to make it all the way around the track.  No big deal :)

After my warm-up I set up my Garmin for interval training and got started with my workout.  The last time I did 800s was when I was at my mom’s house a few weeks ago right after my half marathon.  I was super sore and I never once hit my goal pace during that workout.  I was more optimistic about today’s workout but I’ve been dealing with some right calf & knee issue that is bothersome so I didn’t really know if I was going to be able to do the whole workout.  When I tried to go for a walk with Lucy after the gym yesterday the pain was intense and actually made me turn around and come back home.  I took two Epsom salt soaks yesterday and I was feeling exceptionally better but not 100%.  I wouldn’t know how I was going to feel until I started running.

  • 4:31 {9:04 pace}
  • 4:28 {8:58 pace}
  • 4:33 {9:07 pace}
  • 4:36 {9:13 pace}

I definitely started out way too fast and then I struggled towards the end of the workout.  There were several times I wanted to quit and I had several opportunities since I was basically running loops around my car but I stuck it out and finished the workout. 

  • 4:44 {9:29 pace}
  • 4:38 {9:16 pace}
  • 4:43 {9:27 pace}
  • 4:41 {9:23 pace}

The tightness in my right calf and pain behind my knee started almost immediately and gradually got worse as the workout progressed.  Thankfully the groin/quad issue I was dealing with for the past few weeks is now gone.  Unfortunately it seems it has been replaced with this new issue in my calf and behind the knee.  I have a feeling its all related in some way or another.

This was a tough workout for me mentally.  I was constantly checking in with my leg and found it hard to focus on my workout.  At times I had to mentally push myself through the repeats by counting my steps to 10 over and over again.  Only one of my repeats ended up being slower that my goal pace so all in all it was a successful workout and I’m glad its done :)

Cool down:  1.45/22:00


What tricks do you use when you need to mentally push yourself through a workout?

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Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

But you did it! Success! That one second doesn't count.

When I'm having a difficult time I count my steps too. Or if I'm hurting, I focus on something I'm running towards, like a tree, telephone pole, mailbox, etc.

I hope your legs start treating you better.