Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tempo Run: Wk12 {Fall Race Training}

I woke up at 3:15am this morning when the husband’s alarm started going off.  He was getting up early to run before work but I had planned on sleeping until 6am or later and running later in the morning since it was going to be a cold morning.  That didn’t happen because when his alarm went off I was wide awake.  Yikes.

I spent some time reading emails, composing some blog posts {like this mornings Three Things Thursday} and unpacking from the few days I spent at my mom’s house earlier this week.  I finally ate some breakfast around 6:45 and did a few more chores around the house until 8:15ish when I started to get ready to go running. 

I dug out a long sleeve shirt and an ear warmer to wear over my hat since when I checked the weather app on my iPhone it said 50 degrees!  I don’t mind running in the cold but the first few minutes are always the worst until you get warmed up.  Plus this was the first really cold day I’ve ran since earlier in the year.  Its always a shock to the system I think :)

10.06.11 iPhone (1) 
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However, when I opened the front door I discovered it was raining so today became my first cold run and first rainy run of fall 2011.  I went back inside to find my wind breaker that I always wear when its raining and then stood on my porch for a few minutes hoping that maybe the rain would stop.  I actually like to run in the rain but since today was the first cold run and the first rainy run I was not really ready for it.  After about 5 minutes it was apparent that the rain was not going to stop so I started my warm-up.

Warm-up:  0.54 / 7:35 {walk/jog}

Tempo Run:
Goal:  5 miles --- 3 @ mid tempo pace of 10:50

It rained on me during my warm-up and the first 2.5ish miles of my tempo run.  Once it stopped raining my wind breaker dried quickly and then I warmed up really quickly even though it was still pretty cold outside {right around 50 degrees}.  I could feel the sweat dripping down my spine {while my wind breaker works wonder to help keep me dry, it doesn’t “breathe” well at all} but I didn’t want to stop to take off my jacket because then it would be a pain to get back on if it started to rain again.

The first mile or so was rough.  I was feeling achy all over.  I had no intention of running at or below my mid tempo pace for the entire 5 miles … but that’s what happened. 

Overall:  5.0 / 53:03 / 10:36 avg

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I should probably call this a progression run instead of a tempo run since my pace progressively got faster each mile.  Once I was done with my tempo miles I walked/jogged back home for a cool down.

Cool down:  1.26 / 19:06 / 15:11 avg

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Once I got home I spent a good 10 minutes stretching then took a hot shower!  After my shower I ate a banana and drank a cup of chocolate vanilla soy milk before taking an ice bath for my shins.  I forgot how much colder an ice bath is when its cold outside!  Brrr.  I definitely will be spending some more time today stretching and using the Foam Roller and The Stick since my legs {especially the right quad, of course} are feeling achy and sore. 

A whole cinnamon raisin bagel thin, plain {almost 2 hrs before}
2 Gu Chomps, Cranberry Apple @ 30 mins
1 pkg of Welch’s Fruit Snacks during cool down

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