Friday, October 14, 2011

Tempo Run: Wk13 {Fall Race Training}

There was nothing special about yesterdays tempo run and I even forgot to blog about it.  It wasn’t particularly easy or hard.  I didn’t try a new route or trail or new gear.  I didn’t wake up super early or sleep in late.  I ate the same pre-run breakfast I always do and headed out the door around 8am {earlier than Tuesday’s speed workout}. 

I started with an easy warm-up walk/run with some plyos.

Warm-up:  0.63/10:00

Tempo Run:
5 miles --- 1 @ easy, 3 @ short tempo 10:35, 1 @ easy

I ran a familiar route over to the little 3 mile round trip trail nearby my house.  I keep the first mile easy but noticed that my pace kept dropping.  The trail has rolling hills, nothing to steep or long but just enough to make you work harder.  At mile 2.5 I stopped for a couple of minutes to eat a package of Welch’s Fruit Snacks and I also stopped again for a few seconds just a little after this to get a drink of water from the water fountain in the park near the trail.  I picked up the pace for mile 4 and really pushed my pace down.  Mile 5 was suppose to be at an easy pace and I felt like I was running easy but my pace never really climbed back up.  Overall it was a good run.  Nothing special.  And no leg or shin issues to report.  My right leg is not 100% but its feeling better each day :)


Overall:  5.0/50:55/10:11 avg


I did walk/run intervals back home for a cool down.  Then I grabbed Lucy and took her out for a run/walk.  I’ve recently started running Lucy a couple of times a week, when possible.  We do intervals at an easy pace, usually walk 0.10 then jog 0.10, and Lucy really seems to be enjoying it in addition to her regular walks.  My plan is to slowly increase her distance and work up to a 1 mile run :)

Cool down:  0.65/9:25

Run/Walk with Lucy:  2.08/29:34

I’ve got a back log of a few posts that I want to get published that I’ve been slacking on {weekly recaps & monthly recaps & WW recaps} so I’ll be finishing those up and posting them over the next several days.  Mostly boring stuff, except to me since I like to look back and see my stats, so feel free to skip them until I get back to regular posting.  And hoping I won’t be such a slacker in the future …

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ajh said...

We aren't far from Port Henry. It is very pretty here now but it is raining hard and I expect leaves will be falling. I wish it was going to be a nicer weekend. Last weekend I was gone when it was nice. Seems like the rest have been rainy.