Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Half Marathon Photos

The first photo is from the half way point of the race.  There were three photos but some dude was blocking me in the first two.  The second photo is the finishers photo and my favorite.  I’m so glad the husband came and found me in the finishers chute to take the photo with me!  The last three photos are from the finish line.  I have no idea why I’m looking at the ground.  These are the best race finish photos I’ve gotten to date.  Its impossible for me to get a good race photo I guess. 

urban cow 5  urban cow 1 urban cow 3 urban cow 2 urban cow 4

2.  Increasing the mileage

Now that “A” race #1 for the fall is over {see recap here in case you missed it} its time to really start increasing the mileage for CIM in December.  This weekend we’ve got 18 miles planned.  October mileage is gonna be crazy.  18 this weekend, 20 the next, and 22 the weekend after that.  We will finish off the month with another half marathon {Lake Natoma Four Bridges}.  Like I said --- crazy! 

3.  Random Ramblings … bullet point style!

  • Its my birthday month!  Yay :)
  • The weather has finally changed.  Its was drastic and quick.  One day it was HOT and the next it was COLD and RAINY.  While I’m not a fan of being COLD and I prefer the warm temps of summer, FALL is actually my favorite time of year!
  • Even though this month is going to be crazy, I’m really looking forward to it.  Now that the half marathon is over we will be running our long runs with a few running buddies from our training group that we are running CIM with.  I can’t wait to take them to the trails we’ve been running all summer :)
  • I’m still job hunting but I’ve got no new leads :(
  • I have felt extremely run down and under the weather this week :(
  • I woke up at 3:15am this morning, I don’t think that’s going to help me feel any better :(
  • I’m still amazed at my performance and finish time from the half marathon last weekend!!!


Happy Thursday!
What’s on your mind today?

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