Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  I ran today.  I wasn’t sure if the leg was going to cooperate but it did, thankfully.


2.  My cousin, who I mentioned yesterday, is recovering from her injuries in the hospital.  She suffered a spider fracture in her C-6 and broke her left clavicle and has some stitches on her forehead.  She will make a full recovery :)


3.  Today is the last home soccer game for the team the husband coaches and next week is the end of the season.  The husband LOVES coaching soccer especially since he himself is an avid soccer lover and has played most of his life.  I’m not such a fan but I have attended almost all the home games for support!  He started coaching this year at the end of June with a summer training session that lead right up to tryouts the first week of school and then the season started right away.  That’s four long months of soccer.  I’m happy its almost over! 


Happy Thursday!
What’s on your mind today?

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giraffy said...

Good news all around! :D