Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When life gives you lemons

… you’ve got to find a way to make some lemonade.

One of the greatest thinks about blogging about my current training is that I can go back and look at my posts for info regarding how I felt or how a particular run or workout went.  I’ve been talking about my right quad/groin since early September and how its been affecting me and my running.  Unfortunately it does not seem to be getting better.  The quad tightness has subsided and the groin muscle no longer feels as tight as it did but now I’ve got new and unusual tightness in other areas of my leg that are troublesome.  This includes pain on the outside right edge of my right foot, pain in the lower calf of my right leg, severe calf tightness in my right leg, a dull achy feeling where my hamstring meets my buttocks with a pinching feeling when I’m sitting or foam rolling that area, a numbness and dead leg feeling in my right leg when lying down or sitting down, overall severe tightness in my right leg at all times, and the feeling like my leg will not support me and/or will give out when I attempt to run AND a dull ache behind my knee as well as some tightness/pain in my knee when I walk that affects make me have to hobble/limp BUT that has only happened a couple of times and subsides rather quickly.  Some days the issues are worse than others.  Monday after the gym I tried to take Lucy for a walk but had shooting pains in my calf and my leg felt like it wouldn’t support my weight so we turned around.  Tuesday morning it felt exceptionally better and I was able to run but the symptoms returned during my speed workout and increased as the day wore on. 

I don’t want to have a repeat of last fall when I was training for CIM.  I had so many setbacks and issues and my training suffered.  This year was suppose to be different.  Of course last night I was feeling sorry for myself and ate my way through my feelings and emotions.  And this morning after the gym {the leg was cooperative and only slightly bothersome during my workout} I decided to make an appointment with a local sports doctor for a consultation and hopefully some answers.  In the mean time I’m going to try to avoid a repeat of yesterdays emotional eating, continue stretching and using the foam roller and the stick and taking epsom salt baths, and take each day --- and workout --- as they come.  Today has been the best day of the week so far and so I’m optimistic and almost feel like maybe I jumped the gun on calling to make the consultation appointment but I want, and need, to get past this and determine what the issue is so my appointment is Monday morning.  I have heard wonderful things about the sports doctor I am going to see and I have met him before and received valuable information from him so I’m going to remain optimistic for my appointment. 


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In other news, I found out this morning that my cousin, who stood by my side as my maid of honor at my wedding, was in a serious one vehicle car accident this morning.  She was alone and the vehicle rolled.  She was transported to the local hospital where the accident took place, in a small town.  All the info I have at this time is that she has a broken neck and has been transported to a larger medical facility in a bigger metropolitan area.  Any and all thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.  I hope to have more news soon.  Thank you.


ajh said...

Good luck to your cousin!

Michelle said...

Prayers to your cousin!