Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Race Training: Wk18 {Rest Wk3}

This week I came down with some flu like symptoms on Tuesday night and spent Wednesday & Thursday feeling awful and laying around the house taking cold medicine every 6-8 hours.  I felt better by Friday and was able to workout.  The #HBBC started on Saturday and I made sure to get myself out the door for a slow walk and then I ended the week with my final 5k race of the year that I walked.  Have I said lately how much I miss running?!?

I did some test run strides on Monday that felt better than any other test strides have yet but it was still painful.  On Sunday after the 5k race I did some more test run strides and felt much better but the pain returned when I stopped.

On Monday the 21st I had an appointment with a Sports Doc through Kaiser and I start physical therapy on Monday the 28th.  Its been 3+ weeks since I last ran {24 days at the time of publishing this post}.

Wk18:  11.14.11 – 11.20.11

Monday 11.14

Elliptical:  65min/5.23 miles

Stationary bike:  12min/1.8 miles

Weight Training {31min}

Test Run {strides}:  0.20/3:34

Walk:  1.05/25:22

Tuesday 11.15

Elliptical:  70min/5.58 miles

Stationary Bike:  35min/5.47 miles

Hip/Glute/Core Exercises {30:00}

Walk:  1.01/22:30

Wednesday 11.16


Thursday 11.17


Friday 11.18

Stationary Bike:  22min/3.96 miles

Elliptical:  65min/5.41 miles

Weight Training {13:45}

Hip/Glute/Core Exercises {30:00}

Saturday 11.19

First day of #HBBC

Walk:  2.35/49:39

#HBBC daily total: 2.35+1 = 3.35

Sunday 11.20

Race Recap:  Elk Grove Fun Run #4

  • 3.10/55:56/18:02 avg

Test Run Strides:  0.26/3:13

Elliptical:  60min/4.69 miles 

#HBBC daily total = 3.10+0.26+4+1  = 8.36

Total Miles = 7.97

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 9hrs, 54min 
Calories Burned = 4015

Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 32

#HBBC points earned {starting 11.19} = 11.71 + 2 = 13.71
+2 bonus points for having the badge on my blog


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