Saturday, November 12, 2011

Run Less, Run Faster --- Weeks 11-15

My training remained solid during weeks 11 thru 15 but then took a sudden turn for the worst at the end of week 15.  Back in early September I started to experience some issues in my right leg that began with a super tight hamstring and groin muscle.  As the weeks progressed from week 11 thru week 15 the right leg issues continued to spread and by the end of week 15, at the LN4B half marathon, it was so severe that I was limping the last few miles of the race.  I haven’t ran since.

Wks 1-5 = 144.96 miles
Wks 6-10 = 157.66 miles

Wk11 = 40.16
Wk12 = 38.64
Wk13 = 37.44
Wk14 = 43.79
Wk15 = 33.33

Total {wks 11-15} = 193.36

# of missed runs {wks 11-15} = 0
# of missed runs overall = 2
# of days cross training {wks 11-15} = 10
# of days cross training overall = 26
# of strength workouts {wks 11-15} =6
# of strength workouts overall = 18

Total Miles to Date {wks 1-15} = 495.98

Back during week 10 I skipped a tempo run due to my right leg.  I said “I skipped my tempo run.  My right leg is really bothering me.  It manifests differently daily --- some days it hurts in my groin muscles, some days in my IT band, some days in my piriformis, some days in my hamstring.  Its very strange.  I’m beginning to get worried that this is going to continue to linger and with my half marathon only 1.5 weeks away I decided it was well past time for me to take a break and see if I can get past this.”

Then going into week 11 I was feeling better which was good because it was half marathon race week and I had an amazing half marathon race with a 28min PR


During week 12 I was really sore from the half marathon and traveled out of town so I skipped all of my cross training days but still managed to get in three pretty good runs including an 18 mile training run

In week 13 I felt a lot better and even had some relief from my right leg issues.  I ended up having a really solid week.  I had an awesome speed workout of 12x400 with my last repeat sub-2min!  And I did another 18 mile training run


My leg issues returned during week 14 and I ended up turning that weeks tempo run into an easy run/walk run instead.   That weeks long run was 20 miles and I felt good with minimal leg issues.


I went to my first appt with a sports doc for my leg issues in week 15.  After treatment the doc suggested I do two easy runs then my planned race if I was feeling up to it.  I ended up doing the two easy runs with some issues and then the half marathon.  And, like I said, that was the last time I ran.  It was also my birthday week!!!


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I’m still under the care of a local sports doc.  The first week I saw him {week 15 of training} I had an Active Release Techniques (ART) treatment on Monday, did an easy 3 mile run on Tuesday, walked on my birthday with Lucy {Wednesday}, took Thursday off, did an easy 5 mile run on Friday, took Saturday off, and ran the Lake Natoma Four Bridges Half Marathon on Sunday.  The next day after the race I went to see the sports doc again for a follow up and a second ART treatment and he gave me the same instructions --- run easy as long as I don’t have pain.  Well, I was in pain all that week and did nothing but the prescribed rehab exercises he gave me.  I went to see him the following Monday and I was feeling better so he did a third ART treatment and told to RUN and to start doing all my regular exercises again as long as I had no pain.  I attempted two runs that week, both failures, and corresponded with my sports doc via email.  I am finally starting to feel better but since both attempted runs last week were epic fails I am still taking each day as it comes and I go back for yet another follow up appointment with the sports doc on Monday.  My plan is to go to the doc on Monday and attempt another test run on Tuesday before making any other decisions.  The doc suggested that if I am not feeling better then maybe I need to visit my primary care doctor for a possible x-ray or MRI to rule out a serious injury.  Until then … I’m willing my leg to feel better and praying that I’ll be back to running sooner rather than later and that I don’t have a serious injury like a stress fracture.  Especially since CIM is only three weeks and one day away.   To say I’m upset about my current circumstances would be a huge understatement.  But it is what it is and I am trying to remain positive and hopeful --- which is not always easy. 

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