Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1a.  I forgot to mention in my race recap how the husband did at the race.  He had decided to race this race instead of running it as a training run.  This was his 4th half marathon this year.  He did PR in March at the Shamrock’n Half but did not have a “good” race.  He then ran the Parkway Half in May {injured; defeated} and the Urban Cow Half in October {not a “good” race either}.  He has been training hard and surpassing all his pace goals and was hoping for a good race.  I’m sure he was hoping for a PR but he didn’t think he would get it at this race due to the tough hilly course.  But all the stars aligned for him and he  had a GREAT race and finished with an almost 3 minute PR.  Official Results:  13.10/1:40:42/7:42 average pace {his previous PR was 1:43:36}.

1b.  I know I sound like a big cry baby in my race recap especially when I called it the Worst.Race.Ever.  I’m not disappointed in my finish time {my official finish time of 2:42:40 is my 2nd best half marathon time, right behind Urban Cow last year at 2:42:49; my “personal worst” was my first half marathon at 2:53:41 and my current PR was at the beginning of Oct when all the stars aligned for me and I ran the best race of my life finishing in 2:14:16} even though I know I should have been able to finish in 2:30 because just finishing is an accomplishment.  I felt defeated and angry when I finished because of the pain I was in.  I’ve worked really hard for so long to try to remain injury free after having several injuries and set backs the past few years.  And yet here I am again worried and going crazy wondering how long I’ll be set back this time.  I know injuries are very common for most runners and that I need to look at the bigger picture but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sorry for myself for just a little while.

2.  On Monday I went back to see my sports doc for a follow up appointment.  We talked about my week and my race and how I was feeling.  Then he worked on my leg.  He found some really tender hot spots and at one point it hurt so bad I felt a tear drip down the side of my face.  I was just laying there telling myself to relax and breathe through it so I wouldn’t tense up.  After that torture I had immediate relief around my ankle {which is where I was having severe pain when walking to the point of limping}.  Then the doc showed me some exercises he wants me to do daily.  Three types of squats plus clam shells, crab walks and monster walks.  My issues stem from weak hips so the exercises will help to strengthen them back up.  In addition to the daily exercises I am to do CORE work three days a week {plank, side plank, pelvic bridge} and he encouraged me to exercise as long as I’m not having any pain.  Obviously on Monday I was in a lot of pain and limping.  On Tuesday I was so sore from the exercises and the tender hot spots that the doc focused on so I rested until the evening and then went for a super slow 1 mile walk with the husband when he got home from work.  On Wednesday I was still sore from the exercises and I was having some pain again around my ankle and in front of my knee along the inside of the shin and in up my groin muscle.  I tried to go for a walk with the husband when he got home from work but we only made it to the corner of our street and my ankle was hurting too much so we turned around.  Better the rest than push it.  This morning I am feeling so much better than yesterday but still sore and still having some pain when standing/walking.  Today is day 4 of rest, with the exception of one slow walk and daily exercises/stretching/foam rolling.  I’m 95% sure I’ll be skipping my long run this weekend and even if I don’t I know I won’t be running 20 miles.  But I remain hopeful that I’ll be back out there soon.

3.  Its three weeks till Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving is on of my favorite holidays.  I was on the phone will my mom last night {she’ll be coming down for Thanksgiving with my step-dad} talking about what we should make.  The husband and I will be running the 10k at the Run to Feed the Hungry race in the morning, just like we’ve done every year since 2007.  This year we are on a team and we are very excited :)


L.B. said...

Bummer about having to skip your long run. Hopefully it's for the best though. No need to injure yourself further so at the very least you're preventing yourself from further damage.

Thanksgiving is fun for us too. Last two years I've run 10 miles on Thanksgiving morning so I eat guilt-free... but I end up eating too much anyway. Ah well, what are you going to do? It's turkey day after all.

Maureen said...

I think it's definintely a GOOD idea to skip your long run this week. And it's A-OKAY! You need the rest more than the workout this week. Wishing you a swift recovery!

ajh said...

Agreed on skipping the long run not being a bad thing. Take care of yourself.