Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Its been 11 days since I last “ran”.


2.  I did two “test runs” this week --- Tuesday & today.  Those don’t count.  Both sucked.


3.  I’m too upset about #1 & #2 to talk about it yet. 


Now quick, share something uplifting with me to cheer me up and in the mean time I’m going to go do some retail therapy --- on the search for brown and/or black riding boots, cozy t-shirts, earrings/necklaces, a gravy boat, and a proper size exercise ball for my height! 


Happy Thursday!
What’s on your mind today?


Sam {} said...

i want some riding boots too! i have monstrous calf muscles though, so they are hard to fit in the trendy boots :)

Carrie @ Maine Mom on the Run said...

Sorry about your poopy day. I hope shopping was fun!

ajh said...

May you have some good runs soon. Have fun with that retail therapy.

Michelle said...

ooo let me know how the shopping goes! So sorry you are having a hard time. I owe you an email and will tomorrow! Thinking of you!!!!