Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Race Training: Wk17 {Rest Wk2}

Well, I failed at doing my daily strength building exercises for my hips/glutes.  And I only made it to the gym one day for cross training.  I attempted to run twice during the week, at the advice of the sports doc, but both were epic failures.  I am definitely feeling better each day but it is a very slow process.  I did a short walk over the weekend with some test running strides and I still have pain.  Boo pain.  Its possible that I may need to make an appointment with my primary care doctor …

*Trying something new:  instead of listing out my strength/weight exercises here on my wkly recaps I am going to link to my Daily Mile entries.  Why duplicate the info? 

Wk17:  11.07.11 – 11.13.11

Monday 11.07 ~ REST + Strength Exercises + Core

I went back to the sports doc in the afternoon for a follow up appointment.  The doc assured me that my achy ankle and knee are 100% stable and told me to get back to working out and running.  He gave me an adjusted training plan for CIM and told me to run on Tuesday and report back to him how it goes.  He also advised that I was to get back to cross training, continue my daily strength exercises for my hips/glutes, continue core work three days a week and add back in 1+ days of weight training.  I’ll be taking each day one at a time to determine how I’m feeling.  He advised me to pay close attention to how I’m feeling and determine if I’m having an ACHE/SORENESS or actual PAIN. 

I meant to do my strength exercises & core work after my appt but I never got to them.  I did do an Epsom salt soak for my ankle and spent some time with the Foam Roller and The Stick


Walk with the husband & Lucy 

  • 1.01/22:01

Tuesday 11.08 ~ Run 3 easy miles per sports doc, report back to him about how it goes + Strength Exercises

The attempted test run was a fail!  I had shooting pain from the first step from my heel up the back of my leg through my calf to the back of my knee.  Several times it felt like my knee and ankle were going to give out and like the weight of my body was too much for my weight to support.  Post attempted run I had throbbing pain in my ankle and the top front of my shin where it meets the knee.  After a couple of hours and a few ibuprofen the pain subsided in the ankle area subsided but the calf and shin near the knee continued to hurt.

My doc advised to try again later this week and to go ahead and go forward with other activities {strength exercises, weight training, cross training, walking} unless an activity causes me pain.  So, I’ll continue to take it one day at a time.


Test Run – FAIL

  • 0.44/8:04

Hip/Glute Exercises {13min}

Wednesday 11.09 ~ Cross Train + Strength Exercises + Weights & Core

After the failed run attempt on Tuesday I took some ibuprofen after my shower and again right before bed.  I woke up on Wednesday feeling substantially better so I headed to the gym.  I knew I needed to find out if any other activities were going to cause pain.  It was a successful 2 hours of some cardio and some weight training.  It felt good to workout.  I had no pain but started to get some discomfort/soreness in the upper area of the Achilles tendon and the front and outside of the ankle during the last 10min on the elliptical.  Per my sports doc I am going to try another test run on Thursday.



  • Stationary Bike:  22min/3.43 miles
  • Elliptical:  35min/2.76 miles

Weight Training 35min

Hip/Glute/Core Strengthening Exercises {42mins} 

Thursday 11.10 ~ Run 5 easy miles per sports doc + Strength Exercises

I attempted another test run today per doctors orders.  Another fail.  No need to repeat myself.  It was bad.



Test Run – FAIL

  • 0.19/3:38

Friday 11.11 ~ Cross Train + Strength Exercises + Weights & Core REST

Saturday 11.12 ~ Run 17-18 miles per sports doc + Strength Exercises REST

I attempted a few test running strides while on a walk with the husband & Lucy.  The first few minutes of the walk, before I did any test strides, I felt fine – no pain.  The pain returned as soon as I tried running. 

Walk + Test Strides – FAIL

  • 0.81/19:16

Sunday 11.13 ~ Easy Walk OR Rest + Strength Exercises

Total Miles = 2.45

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 3hrs, 21min
Calories Burned = 894

Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 11


ajh said...

Oh no! I am sorry about the bad runs! How frustrating.

Maureen said...

Your injury is not a permanent. You're doing all the right things. I know it seems like it's taking forever but be patient and trust that it will heal. Sorry, I know it sucks. :(