Sunday, December 11, 2011


That’s the milestone number I hit on my walk on Friday afternoon! 

I have officially ran and walked more than 1000 miles this year!


I knew I was getting close to the 1000 mile mark so before we headed out the door on Friday afternoon the husband reminded me to check and see how far I had left to go to reach 1000 so we could stop and get a photo when I reached it --- I only need 0.77 of a mile to reach the big one thousand.  I had hoped I would hit this milestone when I was running but nonetheless it was still a momentous occasion even on a walk.  I’ve had this goal to reach 1000 for the last two years and I am so happy I was able to get there despite my current injury.

Once we got back home from our walk I also did a test run for good measure.  It went OK but I definitely know I am not ready to make my return to running quite yet.  I felt good with some soreness, tightness and muscle twitches --- and, thankfully, no pain during.  I hope to return to running before the end of the year :)



Hey, Tall Mom on the Run --- thanks for the motivation to do it with the Run 1,000+++ with Tall Mom Club :)


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Congrats!! It takes motivation, determination and dedication...especially in the face of injuries. CONGRATS!!

Tall MOm

Jen said...

Congratulations!!!!! Those milestones feel awesome don't they?

ajh said...

Yeah! Good for you. Let's hope you're running soon.