Friday, December 9, 2011

DNS: California International Marathon {12.04.11}

DNS = Did Not Start … which I guess is better than DNF {Did Not Finish} at least in my case for this scenario.  A DNS means I made the smarter choice … a DNF would have meant that I injured myself even more.  I’m glad I choose DNS.  Even though it was still an emotionally painful decision to make.

I spent the whole year looking forward to the fourth of December.  I trained smart.  I worked hard.  I was looking for marathon redemption.  I felt strong as a runner.  I lost 15lbs.  I was going to kick a** at CIM.  I knew it.  And then … it all fell apart.

So you’ve already read all about The Right Leg Rebellion Against Running {or you haven’t --- here is the gist of it:  Gluteus Medius Syndrome as well as a possible stress fracture in outer right ankle & pinched sciatica due to piriformis syndrome in right buttock}.  It was my demise.  And very quickly I saw all my dreams shattered.  For a while I maintained hope that after a few days, or weeks, I would feel better and that I would still be able to run the race but eventually I realized that it was best for me to sit it out. 

The closer race day got the more at peace I became with my decision.  I knew that attempting to run the race was a bad idea.  I also knew that if I did attempt to run it then I could up with more severe injuries and prolong my healing time/return to running.  I had already spent 5 weeks “off” and I didn’t want to have to start my “healing” period over since I had already “banked” so much time and was finally starting to feel better.

So, I continued to talk about race day strategy with the husband who declared that he was going to stick to our original plan and run with our running buddies for their first full marathons.  I sent encouraging emails with race week and race day tips to my running buddies and friends running the race.  I bought some poster board and made a spectating sign.  I recruited my FIL and SIL to come out on the course with me to cheer on the husband, our friends, and all the other amazing marathoners.  I went to the race expo and emotionally turned in my chip.  I went through all the pre-race motions with the husband:  pre-race pasta dinner the night before, staying up super late on Friday & getting up super early on Saturday so we’d be very tired and ready for bed early Saturday night {this works so well --- we were up till 1am Friday night and got up at 6am on Saturday, had a full & busy day and we were ready for bed at 7:30pm Saturday night which meant the husband got almost 7 hours of sleep before his race day 3am wake up call}. 

And on race day, instead of running the race, I did the next best thing.  I spectated with all my heart and love for running.  I held my spectating sign proudly, cheered loudly for everyone, rang my cowbell fiercely … and I watched the emotions of pain, joy, love, defeat, and amazement on the faces of the husband, our friends, and all the other marathoners as they ran the race I love. 

CIM, I’m coming for you next year.  I will get my redemption.  I will run this race again.  And if for some reason I don’t … then I’ll be there to cheer everyone else on again.


Coming up … my CIM spectating recap!


Maureen said...

I LOOOOVE this post! You really are amazing!

Fruit Fly said...

This makes me so sad! That's great that you went out and cheered, but I know if I were in your shoes it would be sooooo hard for me to do. Next year!!

That Pink Girl said...

Oh sugar, it is so incredibly haaaaard to make the decision you made...even though you KNOW it's the right one. You made a smart choice and a brave one. Your body has to come first. You'll be there again, healthier, stronger and full of fire!