Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Update on my leg:  I’m working on a post that talks all about my injuries, doctor visits, diagnosis, therapy, and rehab.  I hope to have it up soon.

1.  I caught on fire when I was pulling the last dish out of the oven on Thanksgiving.  It was scalloped potatoes and I had moved them up to the top rack just under the broiler to for the last few minutes and when I went to pull them out both of my pot holders caught on fire from touching the heating element!  I had to quickly blow them out without freaking out and dropping the heavy glass casserole dish.  It was quite exciting.  LOL.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, all the dishes I made turned out perfectly.  We had a great feast and I really enjoyed having my mom in town to help me in the kitchen.  You can see all the recipes I used HERE

2.  I finally finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I really enjoyed this book even though it took me a few months to get through it {I normally only read it when I was eating} I recommend it.  Its an easy read with really great and inspiring ideas.  I’ve talked before about some of the principles {One Minute Rule} from the book that I’ve applied to my own life.  {And I just realized that I haven’t updated My Bookshelf in a while so I just did that too}.

3.  Today we will be going to get our Christmas tree!  Its tradition that we purchase our tree on Dec 1st and decorate.  I’m really excited!  Yesterday I packed away all my harvest/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations and today I’ll spend some time cleaning/dusting and getting ready for Christmas decorations.  After we pick out our tree we’ll come home and make hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music while we decorate.  I love the Holiday season :)


Happy Thursday!
What’s on your mind today?

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Ali Mc said...

you caught on fire?!?!?! that's crazy! glad you are ok. I will definitely have to come back here and check out all your holiday recipes :D we already put our tree up YAY for getting yours today :)

thanks for entering my giveaway good luck :D