Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Photo key for yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday:  iPhone photo dump post

  1. Did you know if you put a wooden spoon on top of a pot of boiling water then the water won’t boil over?  #tipoftheday
  2. Miss Lucy showing off her new pink fleece argyle sweater jacket :)
  3. A decorated home in my neighborhood.  Including music playing and three donation bins for food, clothes & jackets!
  4. The spectator sign I made for CIM last Sunday.
  5. Daily fruits & veggies.  Un-pictured:  mango {I had already eaten it} :)
  6. Homemade Weight Watchers Vegetable Soup.  Lunch of the week!

2.  I’m feeling very uninspired lately to write.  Which sucks because I’ve got some posts I really want to get finished and published :(

3.  I haven’t started thinking about my Goals for 2012 yet.  I haven’t even looked back at my 2011 Goals recently to see how I did.  I know I didn’t cross off as much as I hoped.  I’m thinking about scaling it way back next year.  We’ll see … if I ever get around to do it.

Happy Thursday!
Got any great kitchen tips to share? 
What’s on your mind today?

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