Friday, December 16, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

First, for the inquiring minds regarding yesterdays bread making in my cold house … it was a success!  I was able to let the dough rise, for 4 hours, in my office.  I kept the door closed, except to go in and out, and turned on the space heater for about 5 minutes every hour.  The dough rose perfectly.  Then I baked it, let it cool, and sliced it up to go with our pasta dinner.  And, I was disappointed with it.  It tasted fine other than being a little chewy but I just wasn’t a fan.  I won’t be making it again.  Let that be a lesson for me … pick less complicated recipes or stick to recipes you already know you enjoy.  Oh, and read all the dang instructions … turns out I’m not so good at that {see #7 below}.

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I was tagged by Jen at Running with the Girls for The Versatile Blogger award! 

Thank you Jen


1.  Thank the giver
2.  Share 7 random things about yourself
3.  Tag 15 people


1.  I chew gum pretty much non-stop unless I’m eating, sleeping, or brushing my teeth.  This includes when drinking beer/wine/alcoholic drinks and/or wine tasting.  I love it.  I always thought it was just some weird quirk of mine until I realized recently that my mom is the same way!  We don’t like our mouths to be “hot” and chewing gum keeps them from feeling that way {though I tend to have a suspicion that my mom only started this more recently after she quit smoking}.


2.  I only fill up my coffee cup about 1/2 way then I add water to it to cool it down and to make it weaker.  While I love a good cup of strong coffee, I don’t love how wired I get when I drink it or how I can’t fall asleep at night.  I also drink half-caff.  I learned to add water to it to cool it down/water it down from my dad who does the same thing :)


3.  When balancing my checkbook I round up debit card purchases and round down deposits.  It creates a nice little “cushion” of money in our account “just in case”.  Not that we’ve ever had a “just in case” incident but you never know.  Also, it makes doing the math easier :)


4.  I am a neat freak and super organized but I can not keep my desk at home clean, ever.  {See yesterdays post for photo proof.}  It has piles of papers all over it, sticky notes stuck to every surface, and has become the dumping grounds for all items that need to be “put away”.  I joked that maybe I should add “keep desk clean” to my 2012 resolutions but I don’t want to set myself up for failure like that.


5.  I love zucchini but I don’t like to eat it raw unless its dipped in something … ranch, hummus, Laughing Cow cheese, salsa, anything :)


6.  The one chore I dislike more than anything else is putting away the clean dishes.  Sometimes I’ll dry them and stack them on the counter and just leave them there instead of taking the few extra seconds to put them into their appropriate cupboards or drawers. 


7.  I almost never read all the directions for a recipe before I start to bake/cook.  Sometimes I don’t even read all the ingredients.  Two recent events:  on Thanksgiving I didn’t realize that the scalloped potatoes needed to be but under the broiler for the last few minutes to “brown” {even though I’ve made that recipe before} but thankfully my mom had read over the recipe and reminded me; yesterday I didn’t read all the instructions for the bread recipe I made --- it was suppose to be cooked in an 8 quart covered dish but I don’t have one of those that big so I improvised and cooked in on parchment on my pizza stone which made it brown very quickly and so I also didn’t cook it as long as it was suppose to be cooked because it was starting to get too dark which could be the reason it was “chewy”. 


I’m going to tag … the last 15 people that have commented on my blog posts!  Sorry if you’ve been tagged before … if you decide to play along please come back and let me know so I can read your 7 random things too :)

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Jen said...

I don't really like raw zucchini either.

I love gum like you. I cannot run without gum.

Ali Mc said...

thanks girl! I actually don't play along /w these....HOWEVER, I ALWAYS return a link up ;) and give shout outs b/c I feel like being nominated for anything is an amazing honor :D xoxox

So know that you have been added to my latest "bloggers who gave me awards link-up" stickie on my desktop and you will soon have a link !

PS: I LOVE your banking method totally do the same :D

ajh said...

I cannot imagine adding water to my coffee! I like my coffee super hot!

I will try to get to this. I do like these types of posts.

MCM Mama said...

Funny - I add extra grounds to my coffee because I like it super strong.

I've done this one before, so I probably won't (, but I appreciate the shout out. ;o)

Maureen said...

I'm terrible with following recipes!! Maybe it says I'm terrible at following directions ;)? Usually my creations come out ok.