Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Recap {12/12-12/18}

I started last week off with a follow up appt with my PT and I’ve got a follow up appt with the Sports Specialist this week.  I am feeling really good and I got good news at the PT last Monday {see below} so I am still hopeful to get back to more activity, and running, before the end of the year.  I skipped my PT Exercises twice last week and only made it to the gym once to ride the stationary bike.  This week I’m hoping to get the used treadmill we bought a couple of weeks ago cleaned up and moved into one of our spare rooms so that when I can return to running its ready to go!

Weekly Recap:  12.12.11 – 12.18.11

Monday 12.12

I had my first follow-up appointment with my Kaiser PT this morning. 

  • Good news:  the ankle is doing great; I’m having no ankle pain just occasional muscle twitches.
  • Bad news:  the lump/nerve cluster is still in the shin and tender to touch.
  • Good news:  new PT exercises were assigned; no pain when doing hop tests or strength tests or flexibility tests. 

Stationary Bike:  45min

PT Exercises/Stretches:  28min

Tuesday 12.13

PT Exercises/Stretches:  28min

Wednesday 12.14

PT Exercises/Stretches:  28min

Walk:  1.75/35:30

Thursday 12.15

Due to my migraine I skipped my PT Exercises today.  Ugh.

Walk:  1.73/37:03

Friday 12.16

PT Exercises:  30min

Walk:  2.16/40:35

Saturday 12.17

Does walking around stores & standing in lines while Christmas shopping count?!?

Sunday 12.18

PT Exercises:  25min

Walk:  2.26/44:00

Total Miles = 7.9

 Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 5hrs, 41min
Calories Burned = 1163

 daily mile 2

Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 18


#HBBC points earned {12.12.11 – 12.18.11} =23.4
#HBBC points to date {11.19.11 – 12.18.11} = 95.56


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Michelle said...

YAY! Almost there!!!!! You are doing so awesome and I know so excited. I am for you too :)