Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekly Recap {12/5-12/11}

This week was a BIG week since I passed the 1000 mile mark for 2011 – which means I have ran/walked more than 1,000 miles this year so far!  This week I also felt like my PT Exercises were getting easier and my muscles were not as fatigued when I finished.  I’m hoping to be cleared for more cardio this week at my follow up PT appt --- originally he said I could use the stationary bike only but I haven’t been motivated to go to the gym just for that so I haven’t done any cardio, except walking, in over two weeks.  I’d really love to be cleared for the elliptical.  And for some new PT Exercises too.  I am feeling so much better and hope to return to running soon.  We recently purchased a used treadmill and I am hoping to put it to good use before the end of the year.  I skipped my PT Exercises over the weekend --- not on purpose, it just sort of happened --- and I’m feeling pretty awful about it.

Weekly Recap:  12.05.11 – 12.11.11

Monday 12.05

PT Exercises:  28min

Walk:  2.03/43:30

Tuesday 12.06

Less than 3 miles to go to reach 1000 miles ran/walked for the year!  I will walk my way to this GOAL this week :)

PT Exercises:  29min

Walk:  1.73/36:30

Wednesday 12.07

PT Exercises:  32min

I decided to take a “rest” day from walking --- I was having a lot of muscle twitches in my leg today.

Thursday 12.08

PT Exercises:  24min

Walk:  2.09/40:14

Friday 12.09

PT Exercises:  26min

Walk:  1.55/31:09

I passed the 1000 mile mark for the year on my walk tonight!  Woohoo! 


Test Run:  0.32/4:19

My test run felt alright, I’m definitely not ready to make my running comeback --- click on the link to see more details on my Daily Mile entry. 

Saturday 12.10

Does walking around the mall while Christmas shopping count?  Probably not since I had those beers & fries beforehand for “shopping fuel” :)

Sunday 12.11

I skipped my PT Exercises two days in a row --- FAIL.

Walk:  1.85/38:27

Total Miles = 9.57

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 5hrs, 33min
Calories Burned = 1098

daily mile 12.12.11

Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 16


#HBBC points earned {12.05.11 – 12.11.11} = 21.82
#HBBC points to date {11.19.11 – 12.11.11} = 72.16



Michelle said...

whoooo hoooooo! GREAT JOB! So proud of you :) Cant wait to hear about your first run back :)

Maureen said...


So glad you're feeling better!!

Sam {} said...

yay for 1,000 miles!! that's a great achievement :)

Candice @ I Have Run said...

How did I miss National Brownie day???

Congrats on the 1000! That is something to be very proud of yourself for accomplishing!

MCM Mama said...

Congrats on 1000 miles! This is the first year I won't hit that in the last few years and it's making me kind of cranky. ;o)