Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking forward: January 2012

Happy New Year!  I started my New Years Eve off with a 4+ mile run/walk with our running group friends and I’m excited to start tomorrow {the new year} with another {shorter} run/walk with the husband & puppy.  {Spoiler alert --- I finished 2011 with 1030.27 miles & the husband with 1351.74!}  I’m working on a few posts recapping 2011 … but I’m still not quite finished on my 2012 goals {I’ll post them as soon as I have them all finished}.  I’m taking a different approach this next year for my fitness & lifestyle goals.  While I will still have my master 2012 goals list I also wanted to break down my goals by month.  I feel this will be an easier way for me to set and achieve certain goals {i.e. – instead of listing the goal “do more yoga” I can say “in January I want to do yoga 1x/week”}. 

Also, I want to clean up my diet.  While I definitely eat healthy overall lately I’ve discovered too much indulging in alcoholic beverages, too many candy binges, and too much processed junk and snack food in my house.  I kept telling myself I would “reset” my diet after the holidays … which ended up being a BIG mistake and I really over did it.  Instead of setting myself up for failure and saying I’m going to give up everything at once I’m going to have a “No ___” each month.  I’m going to start off the new year with “No Candy January” since I’ve definitely been enjoying way too many bags of Hershey Kisses and M&Ms. 


Workout goals for the month

  • Return to running --- begin rebuilding my base while slowly increasing distance to train for the inaugural Running of the Elk Half Marathon on April 1st {Elk Grove’s first half marathon!}
  • Cross Train 2x/week at the gym
  • Continue daily PT Exercises as directed by my Physical Therapist and re-start weight training as soon as I get the go-ahead from him
  • Yoga 1x/week
  • Do a plank a day {slowly building up time} for the whole month
  • Do core exercises 3x/week

Non-workout goal for the month

  • Read 1 new book
  • Turn all my hangers around so that at the end of 2012 I’ll know what clothes didn’t get worn and can be donated
  • Start de-cluttering {use this calendar as a guideline --- thanks to Racing with Babes for sharing this}
  • Complete one craft project or household project from my 2012 goals list {to be published soon}
  • Eliminate frivolous spending --- spend $0 on non-essential purchases {clothes, Starbucks, gadgets, etc.}

Weight-Loss Goals for the month

  • “No Candy January”
  • Track/journal all food daily
  • Eat out no more than 3 times this month {we have a few travel days where I may not be able to avoid eating out as well as several birthdays to celebrate}
  • Get back down to 10% lost from WW starting weight last May

Races for the month

  • Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #1 for 2012 – Sunday January 29th


Looking over my goal list for January it might seem a bit extensive but I am confident that each goal is reachable.  I’m ready to start the new year off with a bang!


Do you have New Years Resolutions or a Goal List for 2012? 
What is your #1 goal you’d like to achieve in the new year?
  I’d really like to have an injury free year …

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Running ~ On Tuesday {the 27th} I made my triumph return to running after 8+ weeks {57 days} and felt great!  I’m starting back slowly and doing run/walk intervals while I rebuild my stamina and endurance.  I was afraid that I wasn’t going to remember how to do it.  And, thankfully, it went much better than I thought it would.  I had no pain, just some mild soreness, and I’m feeling so elated to be back to pounding the pavement.  I got winded quickly --- I’m fighting a cold, its cold outside and I know I am very out of shape but I’m working on a “plan” and ready to start the new year with a bang!  I ran again today --- and I’m already looking forward to my next run :)

  • Tuesday, 12/27/11:  3.10/48:33 {run/walk of 1:2}
  • Thursday, 12/29/11:  3.29/50:01 {run/walk of 1:2}

2.  Lucy ~ Yesterday was Miss Lucy’s birthday {she’s two years old}!  We spoiled her with several new toys for Christmas and her birthday … we were hoping this big rawhide bone would be her favorite but she is actually a little afraid of it.  We are remaining hopeful that she eventually figure out what to do with it :)

3.  Kindle Fire ~ The husband gifted me a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  I immediately downloaded The Hunger Games Trilogy and began reading it on our way out of town on Christmas afternoon.  I finished the first book the next day; the second book last night; and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish the third book tonight or tomorrow!  Its so good :)

Happy Thursday!
What’s on your mind today?  How were your holidays?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weekly Recap {12/19-12/25}

Hmmm, towards the end of the week {and the holiday weekend} I got a little lazy and took several rest days as well as skipped my PT Exercises {not good}.  On Thursday the 22nd I had a follow-up appt with my Kaiser Sports Doc and was given The Green Light to slowly return to running {and cross training on the elliptical}.

After several weeks of limited activity, I’m looking forward to getting back to running {and back to the gym} in the coming weeks!

Weekly Recap:  12.19.11 – 12.25.11

Monday 12.19

Walk:  1.63/29:06

Tuesday 12.20

PT Exercises & Stretches:  25min

Walk:  1.46/28:00

Walk {Treadmill}:  1.23/25min

Wednesday 12.21

PT Exercises & Stretches:  30min

Walk {Treadmill}:  2.19/45min

Test Run {Treadmill}:  0.41/6min

Thursday 12.22

PT Exercises & Stretches:  33min

Walk:  1.81/35:01

Friday 12.23


Saturday 12.24


Sunday 12.25


Total Miles = 8.73

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 4 hrs, 16min
Calories Burned = 918

daily mile 3

Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 14

#HBBC points earned {12.19.11 – 12.25.11} = 19.98
#HBBC points earned to date {11.19.11 – 12.25.11} = 115.54


Monday, December 26, 2011

Meal Plan Monday {Dec 26} + WW {Wk32}

I hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend!

We don’t have much of a meal plan this week due to family gatherings, parties, and events. Also I seem to have lost my cooking mojo once again. I’m thinking that has a lot to do with the amount of eating out we’ve been doing. So I’m hopeful that once the holidays are over and we’ll get back on a normal routine and I’ll feel like cooking again :)

Monday ~ Christmas Celebration #5 --- TBD

Tuesday ~ leftovers

Wednesday ~ Refried Black Bean Burritos

Thursday ~ Pasta with marinara sauce

Friday ~ leftovers

Saturday ~ TBD --- most likely something from the freezer

Sunday ~ January 1st --- Turkey Burgers

Happy New Years!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Weight Watchers Week 32 {12.19.11 – 12.25.11}
NO Weigh-in this week
*I didn’t track this week and don’t plan to get back to tracking until the first of the year. I also didn’t weigh-in this week.
WW recaps can be found HERE.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas {2011}

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & hoping all your Christmas dreams come true!

xmas 2011IMG_7348-1

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Green Light

Yesterday’s Facebook status:

fb 12.22.11

Yep, that’s right!  Yesterday at my follow up appt with my Kaiser Sports Medicine doctor she gave me the “green light” to go ahead and run!  This definitely warrants another woo-freakin’-hoo! 

My appt went really well.  We talked about how I’ve been feeling {I even told her how I was running late that morning and jogged up the stairs in the medical building with NO PAIN --- at my first appt with her I had pain walking up those stairs!} and we discussed what I’ve been doing with my PT.  She had me do some balancing tests and then she “tested” my strength and flexibility and lastly she had me do a hop test.  She said both my flexibility and strength had improved since my first visit {yay for PT that works}.  We discussed a few little issues I’m still having {nerve pain in my sciatica and piriformis as well as some lingering back pain occasionally and a tight hamstring --- all sciatica related} and what I can expect as I continue to heal and get stronger. 

Towards the end of the appt I asked a few dreaded questions: 

    1. Can I return to using the elliptical
    2. Can I run?!? 

She said yes TO BOTH.  Of course both of these go-ahead's came with stipulations:

  • stop if ANY PAIN
  • continue PT exercises & appt’s
  • don’t add any additional strength exercises without PT approval
  • start slow on the elliptical with little to no resistance and slow speed and slowly build it back up
  • start slow with running with a run/walk and build slowly
  • email her if I have any questions or concerns

ALL GOOD NEWS.  I was ecstatic when I left her office and I’m looking forward to my first run next Tuesday … and to get back to the gym for cross training soon.  I definitely don’t have any idea how I’m going to be feel {when I return to running} so my only goal {for now} is to make it through my first run/walk on next Tuesday and then see how I feel, both during and after.  But I have to tell you --- I’m excited, and hopeful. 

Thank you to everyone for your support during these dreaded 8 weeks.  I still have a long road ahead of me and I’m anxious to get started down it.  Continue to keep your fingers crossed for me that when I return to running next week its pain free :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  I’ve noticed that when the husband is on vacation {like he currently is} that I spend a lot less time on the computer.  That means I’ve got over 300+ blogs in my Google reader to catch up on!  Its not like we’ve really been doing that much except for yesterday --- we headed down to Lodi and stopped off at Woodbridge Winery for some wine tasting {our favorite winery in Lodi} then we headed over to the Lodi Wine & Visitor Center for more wine {they do tastings of several wineries in the Lodi area} and finally we went to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  After the movie we headed to the Lodi Beer Company for beers and food.  It was quite a fun day and we were able to stock back up on our favorite wines! 


2.  Despite the fact that my jeans are feeling snug again and that my weight has been yo-yo’ing within a 5lb range for the past couple of months I fully intend to continue to enjoy the holiday season and celebrations with our families over the next couple of weeks.  And then I’ll get back on track for the new year.  I haven’t been diligently tracking my food for a while now and I’ve been eating out {way too much} and drinking lots of beer & wine as well as enjoying way too many treats and too much candy.  Add to that the fact that I haven’t been able to work out due to The Right Leg Rebellion Against Running and you’ve got a recipe for disaster during the holiday season.  But, like I said, I’m going to let go of the guilt and start fresh after the holidays.  At least I’ve been making sure to eat my 7+ servings of fruit and veggies every day for the #HBBC --- even if I have been balancing that out with handfuls of Hershey Kisses and M&Ms :)

3.  I have my follow up appointment with my Kaiser Sports Doctor today.  Its been almost 8 weeks {53 days} since I’ve last ran {with the exception of the handful of “test runs” I’ve done}.  I am feeling really good and I’m really hopeful that she will clear me to at least be able to start cross training on the elliptical again.  Also, I’m hopeful that she will also clear me to run before the end of the year.  My next appt with my Kaiser PT isn’t until January 5th and I realllllllly don’t want to wait until then to be cleared to run.  My ankle is feeling good and the nerve cluster in my shin isn’t bothering me at all {even though the lump is still there}.  However I’m still having the pain/tightness in my glute and hamstring {honestly, I think a good massage would help with that --- but I’ve been slacking about making an appt for one}.  I did a “test run” yesterday on the treadmill {6 minutes total; only 3 of running} and felt fine.  No pain.  No muscle twinges.  Just tight hamstring afterwards.  I’m anxious to do a longer test run to see how I’m really feeling but I’ve been waiting until after I see the doc today. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monthly Recap: November 2011

Since we are more than halfway through December I guess now would be a good time to recap November.

What can I say about November?  I had several appointments for ART treatments, with sports specialists, and with physical therapists.  But, no running. 

November definitely wasn’t the month I thought, and planned, it to be.  I should have been finishing up my peak mileage for CIM and beginning to taper but instead I was having trouble walking without limping, cross training when possible and doing several exercises to build up my glute/hip strength to get past my injury.

I walked two races:  the Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #4 for 2011 and The Run to Feed the Hungry.  And even though I had held out hope to run CIM --- by the end of the month I was at peace with the realization that it wasn’t going to happen. 

I finally finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  I continued to read ChiRunning:  A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running by Danny Dreyer and Katherine Dreyer and began reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  I spent a lot of my time job hunting and fretting about not being able to run. 

November 2011

Number of miles ran/walked:  22.04

Total number of days running:  0

Number of races:  2

Number of “test runs”:  5

Total Miles Year-to-Date:  989.56
Only 10.44 to go to reach 1000 or the year!

To view previous monthly recaps, click on the link{s} below:
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Recap {12/12-12/18}

I started last week off with a follow up appt with my PT and I’ve got a follow up appt with the Sports Specialist this week.  I am feeling really good and I got good news at the PT last Monday {see below} so I am still hopeful to get back to more activity, and running, before the end of the year.  I skipped my PT Exercises twice last week and only made it to the gym once to ride the stationary bike.  This week I’m hoping to get the used treadmill we bought a couple of weeks ago cleaned up and moved into one of our spare rooms so that when I can return to running its ready to go!

Weekly Recap:  12.12.11 – 12.18.11

Monday 12.12

I had my first follow-up appointment with my Kaiser PT this morning. 

  • Good news:  the ankle is doing great; I’m having no ankle pain just occasional muscle twitches.
  • Bad news:  the lump/nerve cluster is still in the shin and tender to touch.
  • Good news:  new PT exercises were assigned; no pain when doing hop tests or strength tests or flexibility tests. 

Stationary Bike:  45min

PT Exercises/Stretches:  28min

Tuesday 12.13

PT Exercises/Stretches:  28min

Wednesday 12.14

PT Exercises/Stretches:  28min

Walk:  1.75/35:30

Thursday 12.15

Due to my migraine I skipped my PT Exercises today.  Ugh.

Walk:  1.73/37:03

Friday 12.16

PT Exercises:  30min

Walk:  2.16/40:35

Saturday 12.17

Does walking around stores & standing in lines while Christmas shopping count?!?

Sunday 12.18

PT Exercises:  25min

Walk:  2.26/44:00

Total Miles = 7.9

 Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 5hrs, 41min
Calories Burned = 1163

 daily mile 2

Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 18


#HBBC points earned {12.12.11 – 12.18.11} =23.4
#HBBC points to date {11.19.11 – 12.18.11} = 95.56


Meal Plan Monday {Dec 19} + WW {Wk31}

Good Monday Morning & Happy Christmas Week! Its so foggy here this morning that I can barely see the house across the street. I’m not a fan of driving in the fog but I love to run in it. Too bad I still can’t do that. {Hoping for good news later this week though.} Another thing I love to do on foggy days like today is keep all the curtains/blinds closed and curl up under the heating blanket on the couch and watch movies/TV all day. And since the husband is on vacation I think we might just spend some time doing that!

I had the days mixed up for the husbands math department Christmas party --- it was last night, not Saturday. And, we didn’t end up having to bring anything. So I made the mini Buffalo Chicken Meatballs on Friday afternoon and we snacked on a few before dinner that night and we’ll be using up the rest tonight in sandwiches.

Saturday was spent shopping all over town trying to get the rest of our Christmas shopping done. We were both exhausted afterwards {especially the husband since he ran 14 hilly miles Saturday morning with our running friends} so by the time dusk rolled around we called it a day and headed to BJ’s Restaurant for food & drinks. After a couple of appetizers, a few beers, and mini deep dish pizzas we headed home. I was so tired I passed out on the couch at 8pm! But, we didn’t get all our shopping done. Thankfully we’ll have plenty of time this week since the husband is on vacation :)


Monday ~ The Meatball Shop’s Mini Buffalo Chicken Meatballs from The Rachael Ray Show with homemade ranch dip on sourdough hoagie rolls

Tuesday ~ Refried Black Bean Burritos with homemade guacamole and chips & salsa

Wednesday ~ Spinach & Feta Pasta

Thursday ~ Veggie Burgers {from the freezer} & roasted zucchini {remember I don’t like it raw but I love it cooked/baked/roasted}

Friday ~ Christmas Celebration #1 --- TBD

Saturday ~ Christmas Eve ~ Christmas Celebration #2

Grandma Gene’s Award Winning Chili at my MIL’s house along with an assortment of snacks, treats and take-n-bake pizza while we enjoy spending the day exchanging gifts, watching movies, and playing games

Sunday ~ Christmas Day ~ Christmas Celebration #3 & #4

Breakfast ~ Jumbo homemade pancakes & turkey sausage links with homemade peppermint mochas

Dinner ~ Turkey, mashed potatoes & stuffing with my mom & step dad

What’s on your menu this week?
Got a favorite recipe that I’ve got to try? Please share :)

Don’t forget to check out the links … you never know what you might discover! There are some GREAT food and recipe blogs and websites out there :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Weight Watchers Week 31 {12.12.11 – 12.18.11}
Weigh-in {12.19.11} = 138 lbs
Week 30 Gain = + 0.6 lbs
Total Weight Loss = – 12.2 lbs
Starting Weight {05.16.11} = 150.2 lbs
I earned 18 activity points
I exercised 6 out of 7 days
*I didn’t track this week and don’t plan to get back to tracking until the first of the year. I’m *trying* to make the best possible choices and I’ve been successfully getting 6-9 servings of fruit & vegetables everyday but I’ve been enjoying way too many sweets & alcoholic drinks. And I noticed I haven’t been drinking enough water so I’m trying to focus on that more next week – especially with all the upcoming holiday celebrations I’ll be attending.
WW recaps can be found HERE.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

First, for the inquiring minds regarding yesterdays bread making in my cold house … it was a success!  I was able to let the dough rise, for 4 hours, in my office.  I kept the door closed, except to go in and out, and turned on the space heater for about 5 minutes every hour.  The dough rose perfectly.  Then I baked it, let it cool, and sliced it up to go with our pasta dinner.  And, I was disappointed with it.  It tasted fine other than being a little chewy but I just wasn’t a fan.  I won’t be making it again.  Let that be a lesson for me … pick less complicated recipes or stick to recipes you already know you enjoy.  Oh, and read all the dang instructions … turns out I’m not so good at that {see #7 below}.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I was tagged by Jen at Running with the Girls for The Versatile Blogger award! 

Thank you Jen


1.  Thank the giver
2.  Share 7 random things about yourself
3.  Tag 15 people


1.  I chew gum pretty much non-stop unless I’m eating, sleeping, or brushing my teeth.  This includes when drinking beer/wine/alcoholic drinks and/or wine tasting.  I love it.  I always thought it was just some weird quirk of mine until I realized recently that my mom is the same way!  We don’t like our mouths to be “hot” and chewing gum keeps them from feeling that way {though I tend to have a suspicion that my mom only started this more recently after she quit smoking}.


2.  I only fill up my coffee cup about 1/2 way then I add water to it to cool it down and to make it weaker.  While I love a good cup of strong coffee, I don’t love how wired I get when I drink it or how I can’t fall asleep at night.  I also drink half-caff.  I learned to add water to it to cool it down/water it down from my dad who does the same thing :)


3.  When balancing my checkbook I round up debit card purchases and round down deposits.  It creates a nice little “cushion” of money in our account “just in case”.  Not that we’ve ever had a “just in case” incident but you never know.  Also, it makes doing the math easier :)


4.  I am a neat freak and super organized but I can not keep my desk at home clean, ever.  {See yesterdays post for photo proof.}  It has piles of papers all over it, sticky notes stuck to every surface, and has become the dumping grounds for all items that need to be “put away”.  I joked that maybe I should add “keep desk clean” to my 2012 resolutions but I don’t want to set myself up for failure like that.


5.  I love zucchini but I don’t like to eat it raw unless its dipped in something … ranch, hummus, Laughing Cow cheese, salsa, anything :)


6.  The one chore I dislike more than anything else is putting away the clean dishes.  Sometimes I’ll dry them and stack them on the counter and just leave them there instead of taking the few extra seconds to put them into their appropriate cupboards or drawers. 


7.  I almost never read all the directions for a recipe before I start to bake/cook.  Sometimes I don’t even read all the ingredients.  Two recent events:  on Thanksgiving I didn’t realize that the scalloped potatoes needed to be but under the broiler for the last few minutes to “brown” {even though I’ve made that recipe before} but thankfully my mom had read over the recipe and reminded me; yesterday I didn’t read all the instructions for the bread recipe I made --- it was suppose to be cooked in an 8 quart covered dish but I don’t have one of those that big so I improvised and cooked in on parchment on my pizza stone which made it brown very quickly and so I also didn’t cook it as long as it was suppose to be cooked because it was starting to get too dark which could be the reason it was “chewy”. 


I’m going to tag … the last 15 people that have commented on my blog posts!  Sorry if you’ve been tagged before … if you decide to play along please come back and let me know so I can read your 7 random things too :)

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  At my follow-up PT appt on Monday my PT gave me two types of calf raises to start doing daily {straight leg calf raises & bent knee calf raises} and my calves have been super sore ever since!  I always thought my calves were really strong but I guess not running for 7wks {its been 46 days since I last ran} and, honestly, not really wearing heels in over a year has made my calves weak again.  Lamesauce.

2.  Since I’m still not working I have found that I am having a hard time remembering to take my allergy meds and vitamins in the mornings.  I usually have to write it on my daily TO DO list or I won’t remember.  But lately I haven't even been writing a TO DO list so … When I find a new job I think I will really enjoy, and benefit from, getting back into a normal day-to-day routine.

3.  I’m baking bread today and the recipe said to let the dough rise for 4 hours at “warm” room temperature, around 70 degrees.  Um, yeah, about that.  I’m cheap and I don’t use the heater during the day to warm the house even if I am here all day long.  I run the heater for about 1-2 hours in the morning to warm the house back up to 62 degrees {we let it get down to 55 at night} then its off all day until the evenings where we run it again for 1-2 hours … or we use our pellet stove {but we haven’t had a burn day in over a week so we haven’t been able to use the stove, thankfully today is finally a burn day!}.  That usually means its around 60 degrees in here.  On sunny days I can open the blinds in the office & master bedroom as well as the curtains in the living room and maybe the house will warm up to 62 or 63.  On really chilly days or cloudy dreary days {like today} I’ve got on several layers and I am either using a heating blanket to stay warm or  a ceramic space heater in the office for a few minutes every once in a while to warm up the space.  That means my dough is in its bowl, covered in saran warp, sitting on my desk since its the warmest room in the house.  Oh vey.  Hey, maybe I should have found a different bread recipe --- or busted out my bread machine.  Genius over here.  Genius.

Yes, my desk is always that clean. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekly Recap {12/5-12/11}

This week was a BIG week since I passed the 1000 mile mark for 2011 – which means I have ran/walked more than 1,000 miles this year so far!  This week I also felt like my PT Exercises were getting easier and my muscles were not as fatigued when I finished.  I’m hoping to be cleared for more cardio this week at my follow up PT appt --- originally he said I could use the stationary bike only but I haven’t been motivated to go to the gym just for that so I haven’t done any cardio, except walking, in over two weeks.  I’d really love to be cleared for the elliptical.  And for some new PT Exercises too.  I am feeling so much better and hope to return to running soon.  We recently purchased a used treadmill and I am hoping to put it to good use before the end of the year.  I skipped my PT Exercises over the weekend --- not on purpose, it just sort of happened --- and I’m feeling pretty awful about it.

Weekly Recap:  12.05.11 – 12.11.11

Monday 12.05

PT Exercises:  28min

Walk:  2.03/43:30

Tuesday 12.06

Less than 3 miles to go to reach 1000 miles ran/walked for the year!  I will walk my way to this GOAL this week :)

PT Exercises:  29min

Walk:  1.73/36:30

Wednesday 12.07

PT Exercises:  32min

I decided to take a “rest” day from walking --- I was having a lot of muscle twitches in my leg today.

Thursday 12.08

PT Exercises:  24min

Walk:  2.09/40:14

Friday 12.09

PT Exercises:  26min

Walk:  1.55/31:09

I passed the 1000 mile mark for the year on my walk tonight!  Woohoo! 


Test Run:  0.32/4:19

My test run felt alright, I’m definitely not ready to make my running comeback --- click on the link to see more details on my Daily Mile entry. 

Saturday 12.10

Does walking around the mall while Christmas shopping count?  Probably not since I had those beers & fries beforehand for “shopping fuel” :)

Sunday 12.11

I skipped my PT Exercises two days in a row --- FAIL.

Walk:  1.85/38:27

Total Miles = 9.57

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 5hrs, 33min
Calories Burned = 1098

daily mile 12.12.11

Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 16


#HBBC points earned {12.05.11 – 12.11.11} = 21.82
#HBBC points to date {11.19.11 – 12.11.11} = 72.16


Meal Plan Monday {Dec 12} + WW {Wk30}

Okay, last Thursday was National Brownie Day --- did you know that?  I made a big batch from scratch that we’ve been snacking on for days!  Bad idea.

12.12 FBMy Facebook status from last Thursday ~ I just realized I spelled “licking” wrong.  LOL.

Also, I woke up yesterday morning with a waffle craving so I busted out the waffle iron and made some homemade waffles.  Yum.  They were super yummy, I don’t know why I don’t make them more often, and the leftovers this morning were just as good reheated in the toaster oven :)

IMG_1075  IMG_1076

We ended up going out to eat a few times last week so some of our meals got pushed from last week to this week.  I’m hoping we can stay on plan this week and with easy meals it should be plausible.  This is the last week before Christmas break for the husband and the annual chili cook-off at his school is this Friday so we’ll be making his Grandma Gene’s Famous Award Winning Chili.  Also we’ll be attending his departments annual Christmas party on Saturday where there will be lots of yummy food & treats --- I’m making The Meatball Shop’s Mini Buffalo Chicken Meatballs that I saw on The Rachael Ray Show.  Next week we’ll start the first of many family get-together’s for the holidays.  It really is the most wonderful time of year!



Monday ~ Tofu Fried Rice

This carried over from last week.

 Tuesday ~ Turkey Burgers

This also carried over from last week.

Wednesday ~ Grilled Mahi Mahi in foil packets on the BBQ

We’ve had this in the freezer for a couple of weeks and the husband was getting antsy wondering when we were going to have it.  I had forgotten we even bought it. 

Thursday ~ Pasta with marinara sauce and Turkey Meatballs

Friday ~ leftover pasta

Saturday ~ Holiday Party

Sunday ~ leftovers/soup from the freezer

We’ll either have leftover chili from the chili cook-off or soup from the freezer.


What’s on your menu this week? Got a favorite recipe that I’ve got to try?  Please share :)

Don’t forget to check out the links … you never know what you might discover!  There are some GREAT food and recipe blogs and websites out there :)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Weight Watchers Week 30 {12.05.11 – 12.11.11} 
Weigh-in {12.12.11} = 137.4 lbs
Week  30 Gain = +0.6 lbs
Total Weight Loss = –12.8 lbs 
Starting Weight {05.16.11} = 150.2 lbs
I earned 16 activity points
I exercised 6 out of 7 days
*Another week where I didn’t track everyday.  This is becoming a theme that I am not liking but with upcoming holiday parties and family gatherings I think the trend might be repeating until the end of the year.  I just have to remind myself to make the best choices possible, avoid overeating candy/treats, eat lots of snacks & fruits/veggies, and avoid eating out.  I get yo-yo’ing between 135-138 when I do my daily scale check and I can most definitely feel the difference in my clothes.  I just hope I can continue to maintain under 140 through the holiday season --- and hopefully I get good news from the PT today and maybe start being able to do more cardio exercises again. 
WW recaps can be found HERE.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


That’s the milestone number I hit on my walk on Friday afternoon! 

I have officially ran and walked more than 1000 miles this year!


I knew I was getting close to the 1000 mile mark so before we headed out the door on Friday afternoon the husband reminded me to check and see how far I had left to go to reach 1000 so we could stop and get a photo when I reached it --- I only need 0.77 of a mile to reach the big one thousand.  I had hoped I would hit this milestone when I was running but nonetheless it was still a momentous occasion even on a walk.  I’ve had this goal to reach 1000 for the last two years and I am so happy I was able to get there despite my current injury.

Once we got back home from our walk I also did a test run for good measure.  It went OK but I definitely know I am not ready to make my return to running quite yet.  I felt good with some soreness, tightness and muscle twitches --- and, thankfully, no pain during.  I hope to return to running before the end of the year :)



Hey, Tall Mom on the Run --- thanks for the motivation to do it with the Run 1,000+++ with Tall Mom Club :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spectator’s Recap: California International Marathon {12.04.11}

I already shared my decision about CIM to DNS because of The Right Leg Rebellion Against Running.

“And on race day, instead of running the race, I did the next best thing.  I spectated with all my heart and love for running.  I held my spectating sign proudly, cheered loudly for everyone, rang my cowbell fiercely … and I watched the emotions of pain, joy, love, defeat, and amazement on the faces of the husband, our friends, and all the other marathoners as they ran the race I love.” 

Going out and spectating the race was so much fun!  I was so happy to be out there cheering everyone on and to see the husband and our friends {and Maureen from Buttoning my Jeans} several times on the course, and on the final stretch to the finish line. 

My morning started much like a race morning --- with an early wake up call.  The husband got up at 3am and he woke me up at 3:30.  I made a big pot of coffee and went over all his gear and fuel with him to make sure he didn’t forget anything.  He got his post race clothes/water/food ready and left a big bag for me to bring him after the race.  His dad arrived around 4am to drive him to downtown Sac to catch the bus to the start.  He was meeting up with a friend of ours, Leo, whom I use to work with at my last job to ride the bus together.  After CIM last year I convinced Leo to run the race this year.  He’s been running all year and training hard.  He suffered some ITBS a few weeks ago and that put a halt to his training.  As race day approached we were texting and I suggested that he should run the race with the husband and our running buddies.  He was concerned about not being able to finish so I reminded him that I ran last year with shin splints & ITBS and I finished and he said “you just gave me hope” and that he would run with the husband & crew and do the run/walk.  His goal was to finish and I knew he could do it.  One more big disappointment for me was not being to run the race with him like we had planned --- but we’ve got big plans for next year already!

I had also been emailing with Maureen.  All along I had been looking forward to meeting her at CIM but as the race approached and I knew I would be sitting it out we emailed back and forth and I told her I would be spectating and to look for the husband at the start and me along the course.  She said she would keep an eye out for my crew and that the husband’s “distinguishable facial hair” would give him away!  Amazingly she saw him right around the first relay exchange point and I had already texted him to tell him I was just past that location so she stuck with my crew until then so I was able to “meet” her and wish her luck with a BIG {{{hug}}}.  And then since I knew she would be just ahead of my crew and I knew to watch for her the rest of the race! 

I’m getting ahead of myself though.  Back to before the race.  I made my spectating sign the day before.  I love the way it turned out.  I picked out the tie dyed poster board for my hippy of a husband and because it would be easy to spot along the course.  I used stencils because there is no way I could have written big enough for the words to be able to be read. 

IMG_1053Seriously.  Its said that less than 1% of Americans run a marathon.  That’s because “if it was easy, everyone would do it”. 

I loaded up my car and picked up my SIL at 6:45 and we headed to pick up my FIL.  We hit the road to our first spectating location.  Originally I thought it would be fun to be at all the relay exchange points but when we arrived at the first one it was a mad house!  Duh, I should have realized it would be with runners being dropped off and picked up and spectators galore.  Thankfully my FIL had brought a county map book with him and my SIL was able to find some side streets in the neighborhood around the relay exchange and navigated me to a much better location just down the road.  That map book was super duper handy the rest of the day! 

We were at the location for about half an hour before we started to see the crew heading towards us.  I was so excited to see everyone!

IMG_7077IMG_7077 edit 1 Our other running buddy, Rene, was trailing just a little bit so she’s not in this photo.

I gave everyone {except the husband, oops} BIG {{{hugs}}}, asked they how they were doing and told them all they were looking great.  Everyone seemed happy to see me and I told them to look for me again in a few miles.  I was pretty emotional when I got back to my car.  I dreamed about this day, running this race again with the husband and our friends, for so long.  But I quickly wiped away my tears and off we went for the hunt for the next best spectating location.  I knew I wanted to be either right before the big hill at Sunrise or on the big hill or right after it which meant we had about 45min to an hour before the crew would reach that location so we stopped at Panera Bread for some coffee and breakfast. 

After our pit stop the SIL busted out the map book and found us the very best location for our next spectating spot.  We were right on the big hill.  I talked about this hill all summer long when we were running hills every weekend and  I warned our friends about this hill when we were training with them.  I loathed this hill last year.  Loathed it.  With a passion.  So I was happy to be spectating here to give encouragement to the racers and to my crew when they arrived.  At this spot my SIL busted out her spectating sign also and everyone loved it.  We timed our arrival just right and got to see a lot of the same racers again that we saw at our first location {this happened the rest of the day and was awesome!}. 

IMG_7095The SIL made this sign specifically for her brother, the husband. 
BUT everyone loved it. 
Later in the day, and at the finish, racers that we saw several times asked where their beer was!  LOL.  


First we saw Maureen {I didn’t get a picture of her here} and I ran with her for a little bit up the hill giving words of encouragement.  Up next we saw Kat & Leo who were a little ahead of the husband & Rene.  I knew we were around mile 11 and that the group pace had dropped.  They had stopped to use the port-o-potties {one of many stops} and Rene was struggling.  Everyone seemed in good spirits though and Kat reminded me to make sure I gave the husband a {{{hug}}} this time since I didn’t the first time we saw them! 

I told everyone this hill was their “bertha” {the big hill we would run on our training runs} and that the big hills were almost over.  {After the halfway point of the race its smaller rolling hills till mile 20-21’ish then its flat to the finish}.  I made sure to tell everyone to look for us after the next relay exchange {around mile 14}.

We knew the halfway point / next relay exchange was going to be super crowded so the SIL found us a prime location just down the street.  We set up shop with our signs and cowbell and enjoyed telling everyone that they were more than halfway done! 

The sun was out and the temps were starting to rise.  We saw a lot of the same racers and waited for our crew.  We saw Maureen first again.  She was smiling big and looking good. 

Shortly after we saw our crew.  Everyone was looking good but I could tell some of them were struggling.  They stopped for a minute to stretch and to let Rene catch up.  I know how physically and mentally demanding running a marathon could be so I was as encouraging as I could be. 

I didn’t know if we would be on the course again or at the finish so I just told everyone to stay strong.  We did end up finding one more place to stop, right at a water station around mile 18 right at the bottom of a big downhill.  I didn’t bring my camera out with me at this stop.  We saw Maureen again.  Then Leo, solo.  Then the rest of the crew.  The husband said Leo was really struggling and decided to go ahead and run his own race.  He was so focused he didn’t even see us on the side of the road!  The crew was struggling and I wished I could jump in and run with them to encourage them to the finish.  After this stop we headed into Downtown Sacramento to find a parking spot at the finish.  We got there when the 4:30 finishers were approaching the finish line.  We found a spot to spectate at the corner of 8th & L which is just right around the corner from the finish. 

As the 5:00 finishers approached I was watching for Maureen but I must have missed her {sorry, I probably was too busy texting and missed you}.  I was texting with the husband and he said the crew was struggling big time.  Their pace had slowed drastically after I saw them around mile 18.  Rene was cramping badly and Kat was having some stomach issues.  The husband stuck with them encouraging them as much as possible.  At mile 22 they convinced him to go ahead and finish his race.  They were determined to finish but they didn’t want to hold him back.  With just over 4 miles to go he knew they wouldn’t quit no matter what so he went ahead and finished in 5:27:13. 

Shortly before we saw him on the final stretch to the finish our running coaches from The Running Zone met up with us to watch the finishers.  I was humbled to be there watching everyone push to the final stretch.  I remembered the emotions I felt those last few miles, blocks, steps, and down the finisher chute. 

The husband sped by us in his speedy fashion and then made his way back over to where I was to what for everyone else.  We saw some other friends finish and then Leo was there looking strong with a kick to the finish.  The husband ran with him for the last block and then Leo sped off to finish in 5:46:35. 

We waited for Kat & Rene and when the 6:00 finishers were going past us we started to walk up the street to look for them.  The husband started to get worried and jogged back in their direction to find them.  10+ blocks later he caught up with them and ran with them towards the finish.  They had been struggling but remained determined to finish --- not letting the bike cop make them get up on the sidewalk {the course has a 6 hour limit and the road was slowly re-opening behind our friend}.  And finish they did in 6:27:17 {Rene} / 6:27:18 {Kat} … crossing the finish line holding hands!


2011 CIM Finishers!!!


Let me tell you that I had an amazing time spectating this race.  No matter how disappointed I was that I wasn’t running the race I was so happy I got to see everyone and give them words of encouragement.  In the future, if I’m not running this race I hope to be spectating it again.  Though, I do hope for CIM redemption next December. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

DNS: California International Marathon {12.04.11}

DNS = Did Not Start … which I guess is better than DNF {Did Not Finish} at least in my case for this scenario.  A DNS means I made the smarter choice … a DNF would have meant that I injured myself even more.  I’m glad I choose DNS.  Even though it was still an emotionally painful decision to make.

I spent the whole year looking forward to the fourth of December.  I trained smart.  I worked hard.  I was looking for marathon redemption.  I felt strong as a runner.  I lost 15lbs.  I was going to kick a** at CIM.  I knew it.  And then … it all fell apart.

So you’ve already read all about The Right Leg Rebellion Against Running {or you haven’t --- here is the gist of it:  Gluteus Medius Syndrome as well as a possible stress fracture in outer right ankle & pinched sciatica due to piriformis syndrome in right buttock}.  It was my demise.  And very quickly I saw all my dreams shattered.  For a while I maintained hope that after a few days, or weeks, I would feel better and that I would still be able to run the race but eventually I realized that it was best for me to sit it out. 

The closer race day got the more at peace I became with my decision.  I knew that attempting to run the race was a bad idea.  I also knew that if I did attempt to run it then I could up with more severe injuries and prolong my healing time/return to running.  I had already spent 5 weeks “off” and I didn’t want to have to start my “healing” period over since I had already “banked” so much time and was finally starting to feel better.

So, I continued to talk about race day strategy with the husband who declared that he was going to stick to our original plan and run with our running buddies for their first full marathons.  I sent encouraging emails with race week and race day tips to my running buddies and friends running the race.  I bought some poster board and made a spectating sign.  I recruited my FIL and SIL to come out on the course with me to cheer on the husband, our friends, and all the other amazing marathoners.  I went to the race expo and emotionally turned in my chip.  I went through all the pre-race motions with the husband:  pre-race pasta dinner the night before, staying up super late on Friday & getting up super early on Saturday so we’d be very tired and ready for bed early Saturday night {this works so well --- we were up till 1am Friday night and got up at 6am on Saturday, had a full & busy day and we were ready for bed at 7:30pm Saturday night which meant the husband got almost 7 hours of sleep before his race day 3am wake up call}. 

And on race day, instead of running the race, I did the next best thing.  I spectated with all my heart and love for running.  I held my spectating sign proudly, cheered loudly for everyone, rang my cowbell fiercely … and I watched the emotions of pain, joy, love, defeat, and amazement on the faces of the husband, our friends, and all the other marathoners as they ran the race I love. 

CIM, I’m coming for you next year.  I will get my redemption.  I will run this race again.  And if for some reason I don’t … then I’ll be there to cheer everyone else on again.


Coming up … my CIM spectating recap!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Photo key for yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday:  iPhone photo dump post

  1. Did you know if you put a wooden spoon on top of a pot of boiling water then the water won’t boil over?  #tipoftheday
  2. Miss Lucy showing off her new pink fleece argyle sweater jacket :)
  3. A decorated home in my neighborhood.  Including music playing and three donation bins for food, clothes & jackets!
  4. The spectator sign I made for CIM last Sunday.
  5. Daily fruits & veggies.  Un-pictured:  mango {I had already eaten it} :)
  6. Homemade Weight Watchers Vegetable Soup.  Lunch of the week!

2.  I’m feeling very uninspired lately to write.  Which sucks because I’ve got some posts I really want to get finished and published :(

3.  I haven’t started thinking about my Goals for 2012 yet.  I haven’t even looked back at my 2011 Goals recently to see how I did.  I know I didn’t cross off as much as I hoped.  I’m thinking about scaling it way back next year.  We’ll see … if I ever get around to do it.

Happy Thursday!
Got any great kitchen tips to share? 
What’s on your mind today?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: iPhone photo dump







Fall Race Training: Wk20 {Rest Wk 5}

This should have been CIM race week.  Instead it was my 5th week of no running.  I saw a physical therapist from Kaiser on Monday {November 28th} and he gave me some exercises/stretches to do daily.  If you want details of the exercises/stretches --- click on the links to go to the Daily Mile entries :)

Wk20:  11.28.11 – 12.4.11

Monday 11.28

PT Exercises:  32min

#HBBC daily total = 2.5

Tuesday 11.29

PT Exercises:  27min

#HBBC daily total = 2.25

Wednesday 11.30

PT Exercises:  30min

Walk:  1.63/35:01

#HBBC daily total = 4.13

Thursday 12.01

PT Exercises:  28min

#HBBC daily total = 2.25

Friday 12.02

PT Exercises:  32min

Walk:  2.15/43:25

#HBBC daily total = 4.65

Saturday 12.03

PT Exercises:  28min

Walk:  1.67/35:48

#HBBC daily total = 2.92

Sunday 12.04

Lots of cheering & cow bell ringing along the CIM course :)

#HBBC daily total = 0 --- I didn’t even eat all my fruit/veggies :(


Total Miles = 5.45

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 4hrs 51min
Calories Burned =876

Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 12

#HBBC points {11.28.11 – 12.04.11} = 18.7
#HBBC points to date {11.19.11 – 12.04.11} = 47.42