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2011 Goals Recap

Just like my 2010 goals … my 2011 goals were once again ambitious, to say the least. 

Of the 84 I listed {4 less than 2010} I completed 44!  Once again some of the remaining goals made it to my 2012 list. 

Here is the final recap of what I accomplished in 2011. 

For My Health & Fitness

  1. Continue to set small goals to reach goal weight, 5lbs at a time {I rejoined & recommitted to Weight Watchers on 05.16.11}
  2. Walk and/or run at least 1 mile for as many consecutive days as possible {I bet my dad $20 that I could walk/run more days in a row then he could starting 1/1/11} {Update 2/28/11: my dad took a “rest” day on Feb 1st, so I won the bet.  Then on Feb 19th, after a 7+ mile run, I was forced to take some time off due to injury.}
  3. Incorporate cross training, strength training, and yoga into my workouts  {I joined a gym on 04.01.11}
  4. Run at least 6 races AND participate in all 4 Elk Grove Fun Run’s {01.30.11, 05.21.11, 09.03.11, 11.20.11} to receive another All-Series Participant Award {I participated in 13 total races in 2011 --- see all complete races HERE & I received the All-Series Participant Award for 2011 on 11.20.11}
  5. Continue to keep an activity journal for 2011 {I used Daily Mile all year to track my workouts and I also use an Excel Spreadsheet to track my miles}
  6. Reach 1000+++ miles for 2011 {walk or run} Reached 1,000 on Friday 12.09.11
  7. Set a new 5k PR
    1. Elk Grove Fun Run 5k 2011 #2, 05.21.11 - 31:55
    2. Elk Grove Fun Run 5k 2011 #3, 09.03.11 – 27:49
  8. Set a new 10k PR
    1. Run 4 Independence 10k, 06.25.11 – 1:09:35
    2. Salmon Run 10k, 09.24.11 – 1:04:19
  9. Set a new half marathon PR
    1. Urban Cow Half Marathon, 10.02.11 – 2:14:16
  10. Set a new marathon PR {Due to injury I was unable to run my only planned marathon for 2011}
    1. DNS – California International Marathon {12.04.11}
  11. Run a new race distance
    1. Buffalo Stampede & Migration 10 Mile Race, 09.11.11 – 1:50:59.8
  12. Floss DAILY {I’m sure there were days I missed/skipped but I definitely flossed more this year than ever before!}

For Fun

  1. Take Lucy to the ocean 07.10.11
  2. Take Lucy to the snow 01.08.11
  3. Go hiking at Yosemite Day One; Day Two; Day Three
  4. Go on a picnic at a local park
  5. Go hiking at Muir Woods
  6. Go hiking around Folsom Lake --- While we didn’t go “hiking” but we spent a lot of time running on the bike path and trails around Lake Natoma, Folsom Lake & Granite Bay
  7. Go camping August, Dillions Beach
  8. Take a photography class 07.16.11
  9. Take a trip to SF
  10. Go wine tasting {again, again}
    1. ZinFest Wine Festival, 05.21.11 {May Date Night}
    2. Random day in Lodi 06.27.11
    3. Apple Hill 10.16.11
    4. Random day in Lodi 12.21.11
  11. Attend at least 1 sporting event {baseball, basketball, hockey, football}

Crafts & Things

  1. Get our wedding photo framed & hang in our home
  2. Make our wedding scrapbook {Started but not finished}
  3. Make a race bib scrapbook View the finished project HERE
  4. Hang race medals, {order rack to hang them on} View the medals & rack HERE {hung on 01.29.11}
  5. Put all our wedding photos into our Lenox photo albums
  6. Make a rag/fringe quilt Update 2/28/11: I made Lucy a fleece no-sew fringe blanket for her crate --- I still want to make a rag quilt too.
  7. Find a creative way to display our wedding vows in our home Framed and hung on wall --- 08.27.11
  8. Frame the readings from our wedding ceremony Framed and hung on wall --- 08.27.11
  9. Frame our wedding monogram Framed and hung on wall --- 08.27.11
  10. Create a Maui Honeymoon 2009 Photo Book Instead of creating a digital photo book to be printed, I printed all the photos and put them into a photo album {07.27.11}
  11. Create a Disneyland 2009 Photo Book Instead of creating a digital photo book to be printed, I printed all the photos and put them into a photo album {07.27.11}
  12. Create a First Anniversary 2010 Photo Book Instead of creating a digital photo book to be printed, I printed all the photos and put them into a photo album {07.27.11}
  13. Create a Yosemite 2011 Photo Book
  14. Paint the canvases for the TV wall in the living room
  15. Create a wine cork corkboard using our large collection of corks
  16. Hang cross stitch quilt from cousin
  17. Hang name + wedding date blanket from friend
  18. Paint the black frame in the master bedroom white {already have the spray paint}

For Our Home

  1. Paint the trim around the new sliding door
  2. Paint the trim around the front door
  3. Paint the new mantle
  4. Paint the dining room
  5. Paint the kitchen
  6. Paint the custom valance for the slider
  7. Paint the guest room
  8. Remove the wall paper in the hallway
  9. Paint the hallways
  10. Paint the guest bathroom
  11. Replace the interior garage door & frame
  12. Build more planter boxes for our garden
  13. Reorganize the kitchen cabinets
  14. Organize the linen closet 3/31/11
  15. Sand & refinish the picnic table
  16. Replace our water filter in our fridge Replaced on 2/27/11 & should be replaced again on 8/27/11
  17. Fix or replace the pipes/sink/faucet in the mater bathroom
  18. Re-caulk the master bathroom shower
  19. Get a new front door
  20. Replace the window in the master bathroom
  21. Put a French Drain in our backyard
  22. Paint or replace the baseboards in the living room
  23. Repaint the master bedroom {???}
  24. Paint or replace the baseboards in the master bedroom
  25. Get a headboard for the master bedroom
  26. Finish the baseboards in the office
  27. Get the carpets cleaned On 3/31/11 I spot cleaned all the old stains from Lucy’s potty training days
  28. Dust all the shot glasses + reorganize them on their shelf

For the Future

  1. Pay off at least two more credit cards
  2. Find a new job due to layoff at the end of Jan 2011
  3. Build savings back up AND save an additional $1000 {if possible}


  1. Donate my wedding dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer Donated on 08.16.11, read about it HERE
  2. Read 12 new books {titles I’ve never read before}See list of books read in 2011 HERE
  3. Read my Daily Devotions book each morning FAIL
  4. Volunteer at a race
  5. Trade in The Jetta / Purchase a newer car January 15, 2011 – purchased 2008 Honda Pilot EX & traded in the The Jetta
  6. Start using dried beans instead of canned I’m a dry bean convert and I’ll continue to use them but I might used canned sometimes if necessary
  7. Update my recipe binder
  8. De-clutter by donating unused and unwanted items {10 per month}
  9. Move all the Project 365 posts/photos to my Project 365 blog
  10. Donate blood {1st attempt – January 2011, iron count too low by 1 point; 2nd attempt – July 2011, iron count too low by 1 point again}

For our Marriage / Relationship

  1. Continue to eat all meals at the dining room table and/or bar  SUCCESS
  2. Date Night once a month
    1. Jan: Driving Range
    2. Feb: Bowling
    3. March: Crocker Art Museum and bonus 2nd anniversary dinner on 03.21.11
    4. April:  Part I, II, & III
    5. May:  wine tasting
    6. June:  Further Concert in Mountain View @ Shorline Amphitheatre & Comedy Under The Stars @ Laguna Town Hall
    7. July:  Comedy Under the Stars @ Laguna Town Hall on 07.08.11 {again}, Harry Potter @ Imax on 07.16.11, California State Fair on 07.17.11
    8. August, September, October, November – NONE :(
    9. December – wine tasting & a movie {12.21.11} and dinner & a movie {12.31.11}

Updated: 01.07.12

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