Sunday, January 8, 2012

HBBC 2011 Recap

The 2011 Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge {#HBBC} ran from November 19, 2011 through January 6, 2012.  When I first signed up for this challenge I didn’t anticipate to be sidelined from running due to my injury for as long as I way.  That being said, I’m still proud of my final results.  {Despite a few missed days of any activity around the Christmas holiday AND not being able to run.}

My final points for the 2011 challenge = 165.37
Surprisingly that’s almost 30pts higher than last year

I think the biggest difference between this year and last year, for me, is that even though I was struggling with injuries both years {last year it was my shins and IT band leading up to the 2010 CIM & post-marathon laziness/recovery and this year it was my right leg issues & stress fracture} this year I was more focused to keep moving as much as possible and I was doing {almost} daily PT exercises and walking {since I wasn’t suppose to do most other activities}.  The only exception was right around the Christmas holiday when I just got lazy and didn’t do anything.  This year the final week of the challenge was my highest point week --- 41.44 --- and that’s because I was cleared to return to running!  It makes me wonder what my point total could have been if I would not have gotten injured, could have continued training for & then completing the CIM.  There is always next year :)

All my workouts/activates are on my Daily Mile page and on my weekly recaps so I’m not going to list everything out like I did last year. 

And, a BIG THANK YOU to Amanda at Run to the Finish for hosting another great challenge!

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