Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looking forward: February 2012

In keeping with my this new monthly approach for my fitness & lifestyle goals this year, I’ve set a few goals for February.  A lot of these look similar to my January goals and, overall, I’m very happy with the way my January shaped up {I’m planning on posting my recap later this week} which makes me optimistic about February too. 

I’m enjoying have these monthly goals and I even use a checklist each week {posted on my fridge} to help me reach my goals.  I feel it has been a lot easier for me to achieve my goals using this monthly breakdown and my checklist which helps me stay on track.

Workout goals for the month

  • Cross train 2x per week
  • Yoga 1x per week
  • Continue Plank-a-day {plank, side plank, and bridges}
  • Start Daily Pushups using this calendar as a guide
  • Continue PT Exercises 3x per week {clam shells, calf raises, prone leg lifts, and standing hip abductor}
  • Begin Weight Training 1x per week {using machines, free weights, boot camp classes, and/or body weight}

Non-workout goals for the month

  • Continue to use the de-cluttering calendar
  • Complete one craft project or household project form my 2012 Goals list
  • Get up to date on reading the Bible {based upon this schedule}
  • Eliminate frivolous spending --- spend $0 on non-essential purchases {clothes, Starbucks, gadgets, etc.}

Weight-Loss goals for the month

  • “No Ice Cream” February
  • Continue to Track/Journal all food daily
  • Eat out no more than 3 times this month
  • Limit “sweets” to 1x per week {excluding hot chocolate and popcorn}
  • Reach 10% loss {from starting weight} + an additional 1%

Races for the month

  • None planned

The first month of 2012 flew by!  I can’t believe just 31 short days ago we were ringing in the new year and now we are about to welcome the shortest month of the year. 

Do you have specific goals for February?


ajh said...

Love that you excluded hot chocolate and popcorn. Mine would be ice cream sandwiches (Skinny Cow) and popcorn. And chocolate Vita Cakes - YUM!

Good luck with your goals.

Laura said...

These are really good goals! Definitely gets me thinking since I know I didn't do as well fitness wise in January as I could have. Keep up the good work!

christa said...

No icecream?? I am working very hard on tracking my food again.
Great goals! 10% is awesome!!

Suz and Allan said...

Good luck with your goals for February!