Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My year in running: 2011

In 2011 I logged 1030.27 miles {running/walking} and reached my goal of 1000+++ miles {with the Run 1000+++ with Tall Mom Club}. 

My year in running collage 2011 
Monthly Mileage:

January 2011 = 91.03
February 2011 = 77.28
March 2011 = 18.37
April 2011 = 71.69
May 2011 = 78.15
June 2011 = 91.02
July 2011 = 97.22
August 2011 = 138.46
September 2011 = 135.17
October 2011 = 169.13
November 2011 = 22.04
December 2011 = 40.71

I participated in 13 races!
8 – 5k’s, 2 – 1ok’s, 1 – 10 miler, 2 – half marathons

Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #1 - 01.30.11 - 45:58{injured}

Capitol City Classic 5k - 04.17.11 - 37:39

Race for the Cure - 05.07.11 - 36:07

Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #2 - 05.21.11 - 31:55

Doggy Dash 5k - 06.04.11 - 55:19 {walk with Lucy}

Run 4 Independence 10k - 06.25.11 - 1:09:35

Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #3 - 09.03.11 - 27:49

Buffalo Stampede & Migration 10 Mile Race - 09.11.11 - 1:50:59.8

Salmon Run 10k - 09.24.11 - 1:04:19

Urban Cow Half Marathon - 10.02.11 - 2:14:16

Lake Natoma Four Bridges Half Marathon - 10.30.11 - 2:42:40

Elk Grove Run Run 5k #4 - 11.20.11 - 55:56 {walked; injured}

Run to Feed the Hungry 5k - 11.24.11 - 57:04 {walked; injured}

I set several new PRs

First I broke my 5k PR from March 2010 at the Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #2 on 05.21.11 with an official time of 31:55.  Then I broke that PR at the Elk Grove Fun Run #3 on 09.03.11 with an official time of 27:49!

I set a new 10k PR at the Run 4 Independence 10k on 06.25.11 with an official time of 1:09:35 and then broke that PR at the Salmon Run 10k in my hometown on 09.24.11 with an official time of 1:04:19 --- after running 4 miles pre-race as part of my “long run” for the day!

I broke my half marathon PR at the Urban Cow Half Marathon on 10.02.11 with an official time of 2:14:16 --- a 28 minute PR --- my previous half marathon PR was set at this same race in 2010!

2011 year end report

Due to my injuries I had a DNS at the California International Marathon this year --- but I was still out there on the course cheering on my husband, friends, and fellow runners as a spectator!  

When I did my “year in running 2010” post I said:

“For 2011 I want to remain injury free.  I’d like to get a new 5k PR and a new 10k PR.  I’m thinking about running another half marathon, but not any time soon.  I want to cross train more, practice yoga, and maintain my fitness.  2010 was the year of racing … I want 2011 to be my year to become a stronger, healthier runner injury free.”

Unfortunately I didn’t remain injury free in 2011. 

Fortunately I did feel like a strong runner and my overall fitness improved greatly during the months in-between my injuries.  I dropped some weight, my paces improved, I set several PRs.  I felt strong and confident.  And despite my injury at the end of 2011, I’m determined to get back that feeling again in 2012.

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Miss Zippy’s questions about running have been floating around the blogosphere and I thought they would be a great addition to my year in running review.

Best Race Experience?  The Urban Cow Half Marathon.  I trained hard for this race with the hopes of finishing in 2:30 and then on race day I blew my goal out of the water finishing in 2:14 with a 28 minute PR!

Best Run? 10 miles around Lake Natoma in July.  This was my first full lap all the way around the lake and I loved every minute of it.  I had my husband by my side, I felt great, it was beautiful, and quickly became one of my favorite places to run!  I spent the next several months running my long runs in this area more often than not. 

Best new piece of gear?  I guess I’d have to say my iPod shuffle {seen here}.  Otherwise I didn’t really get any new “gear” this year. 

Best piece of running advice you received?  That my injury is only a temporary road block on my running path and that I will, and can, get past it. 

Most inspirational runner?  My running buddies Kat & Rene and my friend {and ex co-worker} Leo.  Watching them each finish their first marathons at CIM last year was amazing and made me really remember why I love this sport so much {I really needed this reminder while I was sidelined from running}.  Also, my husbandThat man is like a well oiled machine.  I can’t wait to see how his running continues to evolve.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?  Really high highs, and really low lows. 

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What was your biggest running accomplishment in 2011? 
Mine was definitely my half marathon PR.

What race are you most looking forward to in 2012?
Since I missed it in 2011 … CIM is definitely the race I’m most looking forward to.
But, I’m also really looking for to my next half marathon, the Running of the Elk Half Marathon, on April 1st.  
I’m mentoring the spring half marathon training group for this race, its the inaugural event, and the first half marathon in Elk Grove!

What is your #1 running goal for 2012?
I think we all know that my #1 goal this year is to make a full return to running and remain injury free!


giraffy said...

2011 was pretty good for you! I bet 2012 is fantastic :)

ajh said...

Nice job on the PRs.

RainStorm said...

What a ton of miles! You're a real inspiration to me because you run at a similar (although slightly faster) speed to me, but still manage a great volume of training. You're what I'm aiming to be!

My running achievement in 2011 was restarting running with (some) consistency. And for 2012 I mostly want to build my routine to three runs a week. There is a race, but I haven't told people about it yet!

christa said...

Nice job Jesse!
My biggest accomplishment was a 15 min PR in the half, as well as finishing a HARD half in the mountains and it was HOT.
I am looking forward to being faster and PRing in the half and the 5k, and actually doing a 10k.
My main running goal is to keep going!!

Maureen said...

How exciting to be running our own half marathons on the same day! Dave said he would like to train for his first marathon this year and his sights are set for CIM! He was really inspired when he was there on the sidelines last month. It sounds more likely that we may see you there!!

Ali Mc said...

YAY!!!!!!!! holy miles girl - you are such an inspiration! I love it and I hope to run a half...maybe even a full this year!

That Pink Girl said...

Daaaang woman, that's some really high mileage especially considering you were injured for so long. You're a machine!

Suz and Allan said...

2011 was an amazing year for you! I can only imagine what 2012 will hold! My number one goal this year is to run 12 half marathons in 2012 and if I'm able I'm going to try to run my first full marathon in December.