Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  So … a while ago I saw THIS on Pinterest {are you on Pinterest?  If so, follow me HERE --- if you need an invite leave me a comment with your email address} and decided that it seemed like a GREAT idea.  I added it to my January Goals {so I would remember to do it} and during the first week of the year I spent some time switching all my hangars.  Now, I’m just OCD enough that I had to turn every garment around because I need all my clothes to face a certain way which meant I couldn’t just turn around every hangar.  It was a little tedious but didn’t really take that long.  Here’s the thing though … you’ll notice in my photo below that not that many hangars have been turned back around yet.  We are 12 days into the new year.  You’d think I would have worn more than 1 or 2 outfits, right?  Um, no.  I live in sweatshirts and pj pants around the house all day and if I’m not in that then it means I’m working out so I’m in running clothes!  Seriously.  Must.Get.Out.Of.House.More.Often.  Ugh.  Today I did actually get dressed and get out of the house … but then I violated one of my other January Goals {to not spend any $ frivolously}.  Oh vey. 
{The husband also turned around all this hangars – I’m interested to see who has more “unworn” clothes at the end of year!}

2.   Speaking of frivolously spending … I got dressed and out of the house today so I could go to The Dollar Tree for wrapping paper.  But since that store is in the same shopping center as our local used bookstore I decided to stop off there too.  You see I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas but I also had about $80 in store credit for the bookstore and my SIL got me a $20 gift certificate for Christmas.  And I had some books to sell for more credit.  While the clerk was processing the books I brought in I was browsing the shelves and ended up picking out 9 books!  After my gift certificate and my store credit I spent $28 {you can only used store credit to pay for half the price of the book you buy}.  Not too shabby for 9 books.  The husband and I are both using the Kindle Fire to read books so my stack of books to read when he is using the Kindle is growing!  Luckily, I read much faster than he does.  I also ended up at Sport Chalet where I picked up a gym bag.  I use to have a bag that I really liked but I let the husband use it and it quickly got destroyed.  For Christmas I gifted him a new bag and after he used it to pack all his running gear when we out of town over the Christmas weekend I realized that I could really benefit from having a separate bag for my gear when we travel too.  So, I picked out a bag for me today and I’m looking forward to using it soon.  Oh shopping … you are my biggest weakness :)

duffle bag  
My new bag.  I realllllly like that it has a separate compartment for shoes!

3.  The year of the goatee ended!  Back story = right around the end of 2010/beginning of 2011 I mentioned to the husband that he should grow his goatee for the whole year {2011} to see how long it could get.  He grew it out once before back in 2008 but only for a few months {it was long in our engagement photos form October 2008 but short & trimmed for our wedding photos in March 2009}.  The husband says I “dared” him but I don’t recall actually using those words.  Whatever.  So, 2011 became the year of the goatee.  It really didn’t bother me all that much for the majority of the year but around the end of the summer I really started to despise it.  Loathe it might be a better term.  But on Janurary 1st 2012 it was finally shaved off!  Woohoo.  I made him promise to never ever grow it out that long again!  It ended up being over 5 inches long when stretched out --- ridiculous.  Of course I documented the shaving process for your viewing pleasure :)


This was a really random three things Thursday … so I thought I’d add a random photo of the kitty & puppy too :)

L L  
Layla {kitty} + Lucy {puppy … errr, dog?!?  She’s two now}
They don’t always snuggle like this but they both enjoy laying in the patch of sun on the carpet during the day in the office :)


Got any randomness you’d like to share today?


ajh said...

Love that picture of your pets!

Laura said...

That is a great Pinterest find! And I am following you on there now :)

You will have to share the good books you picked out. I always have way too many downloaded on my Nook Color but then find new ones I want to read more.

Ali Mc said...

I LOVE PUPPY AND KITTY and your man's beard dissemble :P lol that's so awesome