Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly Recap {01/09-01/15}

This was another really great week with lots of workouts.  We had our first weekly training group session for the spring half marathon training group that I am mentoring through our local running store.  It was a info session on form and then a speed workout.  I had to remind myself to take it easy because I really shouldn’t be doing speed work quite yet. 

This week I tried something new … I ran 4 days instead of only 3 and I felt great.  I also kept up with three days of core work, a day of yoga, cross training, my PT exercises {though I missed two days, #FAIL} and my plank-a-day.  I’m hoping to get my running up to 5 days a week {two days for time, two days for distance including a long run, and one group workout at the track for “speed” --- where I plan to keep it slow & easy for now while I am still rebuilding my base and endurance}.  {Also I plan to get my spring half marathon training plan posted soon.} 

The husband missed a day of planking so he had to restart a day 1 --- which means I finally beat him at something!  Woohoo!!!  I’m still doing 30 second planks and they are finally starting to feel more controlled and I’m less shaky.  I feel like my core is getting stronger and that I #suckless than when I started. 

ALSO --- so far I’ve worked out every single day of this year {either running or at the gym or active rest days with walking} and I plan to keep my run/walk streak going as long as I can!  I’ve almost reached 50 miles for this month already :)

I linked all my workouts to my Daily Mile logs if you really want to read about them. Are we friends on Daily Mile yet?!?

Weekly Recap {01.09.12 – 01.15.12}

Monday 01.09

Walk:  2.36/45:00

PT Exercises + Stretches:  40min

Plank-a-day #9 + Core work

Tuesday 01.10


This was our first group track workout night and since it was dark I decided to wear bright colors! 

Run:  2.52/32:02 {track workout w/training group}

Walk:  1.76/35:00

PT Exercises + Stretches:  20min

Yoga:  34min {two videos today:  Hip Opening + Yoga for your Cycle}

Plank-a-day #10

Wednesday 01.11

Walk {treadmill}:  1.67/30min

PT Exercises + Stretches:  22min

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {40min} + Recumbent Bike {30min}

Plank-a-day #11 + Core Work

Thursday 01.12

It was chilly even after 8am.  I dressed in layers including my favorite running jacket that has thumb holes!



After my run I bundled Lucy up in her fleece jacket and we went for a walk.

Run:  3.0/33:47/11:15 avg + Warm-up:  0.22/4:12 & Cool Down:  0.29/5:48

Walk:  2.0/38:00

Plank-a-day #12

Friday 01.13

I ran on the treadmill at the gym.  That’s all I really need to say about that :)

Run {treadmill}:  2.59/30:00 + Cool Down:  0.24/5:00

Walk:  1.78/35:00

PT Exercises + Stretches:  27min

Gym – Cardio:  Pre-run Elliptical {20min} + Post Run Elliptical {30min}

Plank-a-day #13 + Core Work

Saturday 01.14


We were out of town visiting my family in my hometown for birthday celebrations and ran along the river.  I didn’t really think about the hill course we choose until we were out there so I just walked up the hills as necessary.  I felt really good.  It was cold and the soccer fields were covered in frost!

Run {Oroville}:  4.20/50:00/11:54 avg + Cool Down:  0.79/15:00

Walk:  1.0/19:35

PT Exercises + Stretches:  21min

Plank-a-day #14

Sunday 01.15

Walk:  1.15/27:19

Plank-a-day #15

Total Miles = 25.57

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 12hrs, 19min
Calories Burned =  3865


Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 56



Kerrie T. said...

Busy week! Love Lucy's jacket!

giraffy said...

Looks like you had a rad week - congrats on beating your husband at planks ;)

ajh said...

Love Lucy's pink fleece!

JenWa098 said...

I believe 4 days improved my running and time...I would way prefer it if the weather would let up!

christa said...

I've starting a plank a day too! I restarted yesterday....
Way to go almost 50 miles for the month..rockstar!

Suz and Allan said...

Amazing week! Lucy's jacket is so cute! I have got to do better about using my WW app to update my activity points and log what I've been eating. Hopefully your diligence will motivate me!

That Pink Girl said...

Girl, you are a busy bee! And Lucy looks so cute in her pink jacket!