Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Recap {01/16-01/22}

This week I stepped outside my comfort zone and attended a Spin Class at my gym.  I really LOVED it and I’m looking forward to attending again and again.  I also bumped up my running from four days to five and I felt good.  I had several days of double workouts.  I’m trying to build my endurance back up and I’m experimenting with what works best for me, my body, and my training plan.  For now, a few days of double workouts is doable. 

My plank-a-day streak and my working out/run or walk 1 mile a day streak both live on!  However, I realllllly slacked off on my PT Exercises this week and I only did one day of core work.  January Goals FAIL.

I linked all my workouts to my Daily Mile logs if you really want to read about them. Are we friends on Daily Mile yet?!?

Weekly Recap {01.16.12 – 01.22.12}

Monday 01.16

I mentioned to the husband over the weekend how much I miss running with him and since we’ve both got easy 30 minute runs on our training plans for Monday’s so we decided to run together on Monday’s. 

This was my first run since returning from my injury where I didn’t need or want to stop to walk.  Yay for progress.
I’ve got NOTHING against walking; I love to take walk breaks and I think they are highly beneficial.  And I plan to continue to take walk breaks if and when I need them for as long as I’m a runner.  It just happened that on this run on this day I didn’t need to and that is big improvement, for me, from just a few short weeks ago :)

Run:  2.63/30:02/11:25 avg
Warm-up:  0.22/5:41
Cool Down:  0.28/5:26

Walk:  1.12/23:06

Plank-a-day #16

Tuesday 01.17

Its been really cold lately {as it should be this time of year} and the temps were down in the 30s by the time we met our group for our weekly track workout.  I wore three shirts.  A tank top {I always wear a fitted wicking tank top bottom layer}, a long sleeve super thick & warm thermal wicking layer and a top layer that was thick & warm also.  Three shirts.  It was that cold.  My top layer zipped all the way up to my chin.  I also had on a beanie, an ear warmer, and gloves.  Brrrrrrr.  I’m a wuss.


I also always wear capris.  I only own one pair of running pants and I don’t particularly like them.  I didn’t want my legs to freeze so I decided to take an old pair of knee high socks that had holes in them and make them into leg warmers {I got this idea from Michelle at Runn Princess Runn}.  They definitely did their job of keeping my lower legs warm! 


Run:  2.37/26:41
{track workout with training group}
Warm-up:  0.68/7:38 + Plyos:  0.25/6:18
Cool Down:  0.71/8:08

Walk:  1.88/36:00

PT Exercises:  20min

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {30min}

Spin Class {55min}

Plank-a-day #17 + Core Work

Wednesday 01.18

My sitting bones were so sore from Spin Class on Tuesday!  I had planned to go again on Thursday but I decided I’ll wait until next week instead.  My legs were also very tired after two hard workouts on Tuesday {spin class + track workout}.  I wanted to do 60 minutes on the elliptical but after about 35 minutes I knew I was toast so I cut the workout early and headed home.  To eat {again}.  I was famished {I had breakfast before going to the gym}.  It seemed like all of Tuesday’s workouts caught up with me while I was at the gym!

Walk:  1.65/33:30

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {45min}

Plank-a-day #18

Thursday 01.19

I opted to run on the treadmill at home so I had the husband help me move it so that it wasn’t facing a blank white wall anymore.  Then I moved our extra 13" TV with a built in VCR player into the spare room where the treadmill is  so I could watch a movie while I ran.  We own very few VHS tapes so I opted to watch Pretty Woman!  Love that movie :)


Run {treadmill}:  3.10/36:36
Warm-up:  0.23/5:00
Cool Down:  0.24/5:00

Walk:  2.10/40:00

Plank-a-day #19

Friday 01.20

It was raining but we didn’t let that stop us from running!  The husband ran with me again and we geared up in these matching Adidas wind jackets that my FIL gifted us for Christmas.  {Mine is a men’s medium and its way too big but that’s okay, it still does it job --- no waterproof, but definitely helped with the WIND.}  I knew they were not going to be waterproof but we opted to wear them instead of our rain jackets.  We wanted our rain jackets to be dry for our Saturday morning long runs since rain was predicted for all weekend.  We got soaked but we had a good run!  The husband took Lucy out for a quick run afterwards.  She had a blast in the rain even though she normally is not a rain fan.  {We have to force her to go out to go potty when its raining usually!}


I wore my Zensah compression sleeves as leg warmers this time so that I wouldn’t get water on my legs from my feet kicking it up!  Worked like a charm :)

Run:  2.96/35:01/11:49 avg
Warm-up:  0.25/5:34
Cool Down:  0.12/2:25

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {65min}

Plank-a-day #20

Saturday 01.21

I had a great slow long run and chatted away the miles with a fellow running group member!  It was chilly and I wore my rain jacket but the skies cleared and there was no rain!  I felt really good, even though this was my 5th day of running this week, and I didn’t walk once!

Sat 01.21 long run collage

I wore my Zensah compression sleeves again as leg warmers so that my lower legs would stay dry.  {Though it didn’t end up raining on me.}  After every run I do a 3-5 minute wall drain.  It does wonders for recovery --- try it if you haven’t already.  {Lay with your butt close to a wall and extend you legs up the wall.  Easy.  Effective.  Relaxing.} 

Run:  5.0/1:00:10/12:08 avg
Warm-up:  untimed plyos
Cool Down:  0.38/7:00

Walk:  1.43/27:00

Plank-a-day #21

Sunday 01.22

Active recovery day.  I did a short walk with the puppy then some yoga.  Felt good to flex and stretch the muscles after a long week of working out every day. 

Walk:  1.87/35:00

Yoga:  25min {Yoga for Runners}

Plank-a-day #22

Total Miles = 29.47

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 11hrs, 39min
Calories Burned = 4851


Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 64



christa said...

You are awesome!!!!! As you can read by my training tuesdays I was a super slacker last week!

Michelle said...

YAY! LOVE the leg warmers! SO CUTE! what a great plan you have. Cant wait to watch you rock it all!!! :)