Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekly Recap {01/23-01/29}

I went back to spin class again this week but class had been changed from a regular spin class to a spin boot camp class.  It was a lot of fun and very challenging.  We used the spin bike for cardio and weights and kept changing between the too.  I was very sore the next day, but in a good way.  I’m excited to do this class again!

I ran 5 days again this week and completed my first race of the year {race recap to come}.  I felt really good overall, with the exception of how sore I was after the boot camp class.  We didn’t have a group workout on Tuesday because our coaches hosted an Injury Prevention Clinic for our group so I opted to do speedwork {400s} on my treadmill after spin class.  On Saturday I led a small pace group for a run/walk with a 2:1 ratio and the four of us had a great time chatting away the miles!  At Sunday’s race I ran with my two running buddies and had a GREAT time :)

I totally slacked off on my PT Exercises again :(

I linked all my workouts to my Daily Mile logs if you really want to read about them. Are we friends on Daily Mile yet?!?

Weekly Recap {01.23.12 – 01.29.12}

Monday 01.23

I ran with the husband around our neighborhood.  I forgot the camera which is too bad since we saw a beautiful sunset!

Run:  3.57/40:00/11:12 avg
Warm-up:  0.23/6:00
Cool Down:  0.30/6:00

Walk:  1.34/25:00

PT Exercises:  10min

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {65min}

Plank-a-day # 23 + Core

Tuesday 01.24

After Spin Boot Camp {so hard yet so fun} I ran 400s on my treadmill at home while finishing up watching Pretty Woman!  I can’t wait to go to Spin Boot Camp again :)

Run {treadmill speed work}:  2.03/30:00
Warm-up:  0.59/10:00
Cool Down:  0.67/10:00

Walk:  2.05/42:00

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {30min}

Spin Boot Camp Class:  55min

Plank-a-day #24

Wednesday 01.25

I woke up very sore from boot camp on Tuesday so opted for an active rest day and did some yoga and took the puppy for a walk.  I haven’t used weights since before my injury but I’m glad to be easing back into it.

Walk:  1.02/22:30

Yoga:  22 min {Yoga for Runners:  Injury Prevention}

Plank-a-day #25

Thursday 01.26

I was still a little sore from boot camp on Tuesday so I decided to do a run/walk of 3:1 and I ended up surprising myself with faster paces than I thought I was going to be able to do.  Felt good --- forgot the camera, again!  Fail.

Run:  3.10/35:14/11:22 avg
Warm-up:  0.25/5:01
Cool Down:  0.26/5:00

Walk:  1.87/35:00

PT Exercises:  10min

Plank-a-day #26

Friday 01.27

I got to the gym later in the morning than usual and I got stuck using an elliptical that I don’t like.  Lesson = get off the internet and get my butt in gear if I want to get there earlier!  Haha :)

Walk:  1.64/30:30

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {65min}

Plank-a-day #27

Saturday 01.28

I’m LOVING the leg warmers!  These purple polka dot ones were knee high toe socks originally, that I never wore, so I cut off the toes and my legs stayed warm during my workout :)


Group long run day!  I originally planned to only do 30 minutes but once I got started I stuck with the girls I was pacing and we ended up with 4 miles in 50 minutes doing a 2:1 run/walk.   

Run:  4.0/50:29/12:37 avg

Walk:  2.0/39:00

Plank-a-day #28

Sunday 01.29

I rocked another pair of knee high socks turned leg warmers for my 5k race!  These pair were actually purchased recently specially to be used for leg warmers!  I’m addicted now :)


I had a really great 5k race and I enjoyed running along side my running buddies again!  I know I could have pushed harder if I would have been running alone but I was glad for the company --- I’ve missed my running buddies!  I busted out a sub-8 minutes pace for the sprint to the finish :)

Run:  Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #1 for 2012 --- 3.14/32:21/10:18 avg --- {race recap to come} 

Walk:  1.10/21:30

Plank-a-day #29

Total Miles = 29.16

Daily Mile Stats:
Total Time = 12hrs, 23mins
Calories Burned = 4880


Weight Watchers Activity Points Earned = 61


Ali Mc said...

wow! great week of workouts.....excluding you slacking on PT exercises. Isn't that always the way - never wanting to do the things we "should" I'm the same way. GREAT 5k!!!!! and those homemade leg warmers are awesome.....I'm wishing I didn't give away all my old knee high socks now hahaha

christa said...

Great job!! I love your leg warmers. I don't have many pairs of knee socks to transform, but maybe I'll try. I do want leg warmers tho.... I would love to be in a running group...

giraffy said...

Great week, chick!

I love knee socks beyond all reason.

And leg warmers.

And arm warmers.

And anything else I can possibly find in obnoxious colors.

Suz and Allan said...

Amazing week! The leg warmers are too cute!