Saturday, February 18, 2012

Confessions, V3

I’m currently running my weekly long run.  8 miles planned for today.  But last night I was thinking about a few random things and decided to share … confessional style.  Enjoy :)

Confession #1 – Remember that sneaky spider that took a shower with me a couple of weeks ago?  Well, his sneakiness and creepiness has provoked me to obsessively check my towel, wash cloth, shower curtain, shower head, and water handle before turning on the shower or getting in every single day since.  Thankfully, there have not yet been any more spiders. 

Confession #2 – We are {still} currently using our guest bathroom because I’m still working on removing all the old mildew covered caulk from our master shower so we can re-caulk it.  Thankfully we recently picked up some new razor blades and the process will go much quicker now.  But, that means I’d actually have to spend some time working on it … and I just haven’t.

Confession #3 – I didn’t apply for a single job this week.  Yes, I know I can’t get a new job if I don’t apply for any jobs.  Sometimes I get so fed up with the whole job hunting/applying/receiving rejection after rejection that I need to step away from it to regroup.  Being {unwilling} unemployed is very stressful and emotional.  I urge you to be thankful for the job you have, if you do, regardless if you love it or not.  Times are tough.

Confession #4 – We live well beyond our means.  We are fully aware of it.  I constantly think about money.  Being unemployed sucks.

Confession #5 – One of the main reasons that I feel like I need a break from WW is that I miss cooking anything I want for dinner instead of tried and true recipes that I’ve already calculated the points for.  I love cooking and dinner is my favorite meal of the day :)

Confession #6 – I’m terrified that my portion control will be non-existent without a structured “diet” program to follow.  I have the knowledge and experience and I know what I need to do to maintain a weight loss so now I just have to DO IT. 

Confession #7 – I haven’t followed the 30 Day Cleaning Schedule or the De-Clutter Calendar in weeks.  I’m cleaning on a whim and the clutter remains for now. 

Confession #8 – I’ve been secretly searching for a 50k to run this year … in addition to the two full marathons I’m planning on completing.  Eeekkk! 


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!  Rock your long runs, races, or workouts :)

Got anything you want to confess?!?


giraffy said...

I am TOTALLY in the market for a 50K, too. We should find one and meet up half way!

Freaking spiders are the bane of my existence. THANKFULLY we don't really have any here, but they were running rampant in Florida. And they were GIANT, and they jump. Shady jerks.

ajh said...

Cannot imagine running 50K! And on top of two marathons! Will be fun to follow you do it.

Ali Mc said...

wow Jesse! sounds like you have a lot going on. a 50 k!!!! you go girl :)

and I would also check everything like crazy for spiders if I went through that spider ordeal ;)

Oh and in regards to job hunting I am as well right now....well truth be told I'm always looking b/c who likes working retail??

You should check out

she's awesome :) really helped me with my resume and cover letter. Although, no calls yet so I can't tell you if it worked, all I know is that I tried a lot harder ;)

Suz and Allan said...

A 50K?! Secretly that's on my list for 2013 but shhh

Good luck with the job search! I feel like in this job market it's so much who you know.

I'll confess that we too are bad about not living within our means. It's something we need to work on A LOT!

christa said...

Wowza a 50k!! I know how the job searching sucks and can get you down... Good luck! Anything come out of the temp agency?