Monday, February 27, 2012

Meal Plan Monday {Feb 27}

Every week starts with the best of intentions --- creating a meal plan, grocery shopping, cleaning & chopping veggies and fruit to make healthy snacks easily accessible.  But even the best laid plans can easily get derailed.  Last week is a really good example.  We had a solid meal plan in place but we ended up eating out two times.  We also enjoyed a bottle of wine, several beers, and margaritas.  Not to mention the pudding snacks, candy, and Girl Scout Cookies.  I started the week, like every other week, with the intention of being mindful of what I was eating and limiting the indulgences.  But, like I said, even the best laid plans can easily get derailed.

I’m hopeful that this week will be different.  I’m plan to “detox” and avoid alcohol, candy, and cookies.  As well as stick to the meal plan.  Eating “clean” will be a priority this week.  Besides, I’ve got a 5k race on Saturday and it’s important to remember that food is fuel and I need to properly fuel my body for running.  It’s a FACT that if I eat junk, then my running suffers.  {I’ve learned this the hard way!}

Monday ~ Lentil Tacos

This is one of the meals we skipped last week.  I’m going to make a big batch so we can have leftovers on Tuesday night after our group track workout.

Tuesday ~ leftover Lentil Tacos

Wednesday ~ Dirty Quinoa

I’ve had this recipe saved to try for a while now.  I’ll be using ground turkey instead of ground beef because I have some leftover from the Enchilada Casserole from last week.  I’ll be serving this with some roasted zucchini. 

Thursday ~ leftover Dirty Quinoa

Friday ~ Pasta with marinara sauce and turkey meatballs

Saturday ~ Marsala Chicken and Mushroom Casserole 

We really enjoyed this a few weeks ago when we had it and I’ve been looking forward to having it again. 

Sunday ~ leftover Marsala Chicken and Mushroom Casserole


What’s on your menu this week?
Do you meal plan? Why or why not?
Got a favorite recipe that I’ve got to try? Please share :)
Don’t forget to check out the links … you never know what you might discover! There are some GREAT food blogs & recipe websites out there :)

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Weight in {02.27.12} = 137.6 lbs
Loss/Gain from previous week = +1.8 lbs


Ali Mc said...

weird blogger keeps changing.....there's a new comment form ;) anyway - Colin made my famous spaghetti casserole that is basically like a lasagna :D it does his lunches for half the week and Logan loves it, plus it's super easy to sneak veggies in ;)

tonight I'm working which means the men usually have red meat like sausages and mash or steak, as I don't like it.

wednesday I am planning on roasting a chicken (my first time) with some squash and taters....we'll see if I don't just buy one already roasted. then thursday I plan on using the leftover chicken meat for a potpie :)

and friday we always get pizza, make pizza or treat ourselves to something greasy ;)

christa said...

I too am back on track. I went to Boston over the weekend. Key Lime Martinis were soooo good. Still working on a meal plan!