Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Monthly Recap: January 2012

My biggest success in January was my return to running and increasing my overall stamina and endurance. I successfully kept a “streak” going of running or walking for at least 1 mile every day since December 31st, 2011 and broke the 100 mile mark for the month! I also returned to the gym for regular cross training, got out of my comfort zone and started attending spin classes, became a “Mentor” for my running group, and started training for a half marathon in April. I’m looking forward to continuing to build my endurance back up!

January 2012

Number of Total Miles: 115.44
Running = 60.62
Walking = 54.82

Total Number of Days Running: 18

Number of Races: 1

  • Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #1 for 2012

Days of “Streaking”: 32

Days of “Planking”: 31

  • Longest Plank-to-Date: 60 seconds

Longest Run: 5.0 miles {Saturday 01.21.12}

Favorite Run: 2.63 miles {Monday 01.16.12} with the husband where I didn’t need to, or have to, stop to walk since returning from injury!

Total Miles Year-to-Date: 115.44
Only 914.83 miles to go to reach 1000 for the year!

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January Goals Recap

I had several successes during January, and a few failures, but overall I am very happy with my performance and I’m looking forward to my February Goals!

  • I really started slacking off on my PT Exercises so I’ve reduced those down to 3x per week going forward {per the suggestion of my PT to continue specific exercises long term}
  • I started the month strong with core exercising but my momentum quickly faded
  • I’ve been using the de-cluttering calendar when I come across an entry that is a trouble zone in my home
  • We started two household projects in January but we’ve yet to complete either one {the glass broke in the frame we were going to paint and we have not purchased a new one; re-caulking our master bathroom shower has turned into a much more time consuming project than we anticipated}
  • I was not able to eliminate frivolous spending but it is a work in progress and our overall non-essential spending was greatly reduced
  • I didn’t reach my weight goal for the month but I did lose 5 lbs in January, I’m well on my way to getting back to that 10% milestone that I reached last October!

Workout goals for the month

  • Return to running --- begin rebuilding my base while slowly increasing distance to train for the inaugural Running of the Elk Half Marathon on April 1st {Elk Grove’s first half marathon!} --- SUCCESS
  • Cross Train 2x/week at the gym --- SUCCESS {Total days of cross training = 12}
  • Continue daily PT Exercises as directed by my Physical Therapist and re-start weight training as soon as I get the go-ahead from him --- FAIL
  • Yoga 1x/week --- SUCCESS
  • Do a plank a day {slowly building up time} for the whole month --- SUCCESS, 31 days & counting
  • Do core exercises 3x/week --- FAIL

Non-workout goal for the month

  • Read 1 new book --- SUCCESS
  • Turn all my hangers around so that at the end of 2012 I’ll know what clothes didn’t get worn and can be donated --- SUCCESS {see HERE}
  • Start de-cluttering {use this calendar as a guideline --- thanks to Racing with Babes for sharing this} --- Work in Progress
  • Complete one craft project or household project from my 2012 goals list {to be published soon} --- FAIL
  • Eliminate frivolous spending --- spend $0 on non-essential purchases {clothes, Starbucks, gadgets, etc.} --- FAIL

Weight-Loss Goals for the month

  • “No Candy January” --- SUCCESS!!!
  • Track/journal all food daily --- SUCCESS
  • Eat out no more than 3 times this month {we have a few travel days where I may not be able to avoid eating out as well as several birthdays to celebrate} --- SUCCESS
  • Get back down to 10% lost from WW starting weight last May --- Work in Progress

Races for the month

  • Elk Grove Fun Run 5k #1 for 2012 – Sunday January 29th --- COMPLETED!

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Suz and Allan said...

I'm so impressed with your mileage for January! That is AMAZING!

JenWa098 said...

Very dedicated! I am impressed with your "streaking"!