Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I saw this photo on Pinterest recently and then I read this post and it finally clicked.  The post talks about muscle vs. fat and the common misconception that muscle weighs more than fat. 
“… it makes me think of that riddle from my childhood, “what weighs more, a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?” The answer is that they weigh the same. A pound is a pound.”
“So let’s clear up this common misconception. A pound of muscle takes up LESS SPACE than a pound of fat. That much is true.”
“So as you exercise, lose fat and build lean muscle (as your body composition changes), YOU will take up less space (your pants will fit better, you will “lose inches”), even if you are not seeing a change on the scale. This is why the scale should NOT be your sole indicator of progress!”
Seriously, I read the post and saw the photo above in my head and had an “ah-ha” moment. 
The post goes on to discuss reasons why you may not be loosing weight even if you are exercising.  Go read it.  It’s common sense stuff but maybe you’ll have an “ah-ha” moment too.

2.  Since I’m already talking about weight loss … I’m not tracking my food via WW this week, nor did I most of last week.  Honestly, after not tracking last week while I was sick I just felt like I needed a break from it.  I’m still measuring everything I eat but I’m just not calculating the points.  I love the WW program but I think I need a change.  It was beginning to feel like a “chore” and more like a “diet” each day.  And that’s definitely not how I want to feel. 

3.  I saw this video today and was compelled to share it.  I am totally loving all the “Sh!t … say” videos!  Please tell me I not the only one.  I have not yet seen one that I didn’t find hilarious!

Other random updates:
  • The sickies are almost all gone, except for a lingering runny nose.  I started to feel 100% normal again on Monday.  Then, I woke up with a scratchy throat this morning.  I’m hoping it’s related to the runny nose and not a new round of sickies.
  • Today I feel a little crazy.  I went to the gym at 7:30am and did strength training for 20 minutes, then took an hour spin class, then drove home and changed and headed out for a 5 mile run.  I’m now exhausted.  Spin class kicked my butt but RUNNING is my first LOVE and I wanted to RUN so RUN I did :)
  • Last night after getting our taxes done I really wanted to go out for Froyo to celebrate that fact that we don’t OWE this year … then the husband reminded me that we gave up ice cream for February.  Boo. 

That’s all I’ve got.  Do you have any randomness to share today?


giraffy said...

1. Huh. I never looked at fat vs muscle that way.... It is TOTALLY common sense, but... it totally makes sense. That made no sense.

2. I did WW for awhile (only about 6 months), but started to feel the same way - and when it becomes a chore, I'm far less interested. But, I didn't retain any of the knowledge, I just got lazy and ate all the things. I think once you have empowered yourself, learned about nutrition, and actually continue to USE that knowledge, points counting isn't necessarily something you have to do all the time. Y'know?

3. Haaaaa. Is this barefoot....

ajh said...

Fro yo isn't ice cream!

Suz and Allan said...

Hooray for feeling better. I agree, fro yo isn't ice cream!

Maureen said...

I have never seen that video and I died. I love the "Nike" shoes that everyone only runs in ;). Hahah and poop bag!!! Ohhhh that made me laugh. Thanks :).

snikkio said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Pinterest is not the source of that photo, is. Good luck in reaching all your health/fitness goals!

The Jesse said...

Thanks Snikkio, I added some source links :)

The Jesse said...
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