Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Training Tuesday – Streaking, Planking, and Pushup’ing

You may not know but at the beginning of the year, actually on the last day of last year, I started streaking.

My goal = at least 1 mile per day of running or walking.

I’m currently on Day 60 and I’ve covered over 240 miles!

Some days I’ll run and walk; some days I just run; some days I just walk.  Walking is a BIG part of my almost daily life because of the puppy, Lucy.  She needs her exercise too and I make it a priority to make sure she gets to go on a daily walk.  Plus, I enjoy walking and being active, especially outdoors.

Another streak I started at the beginning of the year is daily planks.  I’m currently on Day 59.  My Plank-a-day includes a regular plank {or several regular planks to get as close to 2:00 as possible}, side planks, and bridges.  I’ve been to several Injury Prevention Clinics and one thing that is always a reoccurring topic, regardless of who is leading the clinic, is the importance of a strong coreI built my plank time up slowly since the beginning of the year.  Once I progressed beyond 1:00 it became evident that due to my lower back and sciatica issues that I can not always hold a plank beyond 1:00 without a rest {the recommended plank time is 2:00} so I have recently begun to break my plank up into two, or more, planks to get as close to 2:00 total.  I perform my side planks with my knee bent on my bottom leg and my top leg hovering just above the ground.  And for bridges I make sure my glutes are activated during the entire time {2:00}.  I’m hoping as time continues to pass that my planking will continue to evolve and progress.

At the beginning of February I started a Pushup Challenge.  There are two days left {I haven’t done my pushups for today yet} and I’m looking forward to continuing pushups into March, but not daily.  I definitely feel like they have gotten easier and while I began the month with some of the reps on my toes, I’ve regressed back to doing all the reps on my knees. 

In addition to my streaking, planking, and pushup’ing I’ve been seeing huge improvements in my running.  I worked really hard to build up my speed, stamina, and endurance last summer and fall and then I got injured.  When I returned to running I was worried about how long it would take me to get back to where I was.  While I still have a ways to go, I’m continually impressed with how good I’ve been feeling and how much improvement I’ve seen in only two months.  I’m running more than I ever have before {4-5 days a week} and I’m staying mostly diligent with my PT Exercises.  I’ve made cross training a priority and I’ve incorporated easy recovery runs the day after my long slow runs.  I’m still sticking with a run/walk for my long runs and I’m really looking forward to my next half marathon on April 1st. 


Have you done any streaking before? 
This is not my first time streaking.  In 2010 I went 25 of running and covered over 88 miles.  In early 2011 I made it 53 days of running and/or walking and covered over 168 miles {before having to take a break for shin splints}.

Do you plank?  Have you ever done a pushup challenge? 

What is your most recent running accomplishment? 
Last Saturday I ran 10 miles, my first double digit run of 2012 :)


christa said...

You rock Jesse! And inspire me to challenge myself more. I will begin a streak of planking....I'll keep you updated!!

Maureen said...

You're a streakaholic! Nicely done, lady!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Nice job with the streaking. I have not done more than a 9 day streak. My work schedule and kids just don't always allow it (I know excuses, right) I was doing 300 pushups a week for January but fell off the wagon this month. I did notice gains in my strength though

Jen said...

Way to go!!! I've been impressed with your planking on daily mile too! Perhaps I need to plank more because at yoga last night, I glanced down toward my midsection and was absolutely appalled at the scary thing called my (lack) of abs!

That Pink Girl said...

Inspired by your pushup streak, I started (again) the Hundred Pushup Challenge. I need to get back to doing planks too!
I love how much enthusiasm you ave and how you break your goals down into very attainable pieces! Keep up the streaking!