Saturday, February 11, 2012

Virtual Run for Sherry

Today was the day for the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold.  For those that don’t already know --- Sherry Arnold, 43, from Sidney, Montana {cousin of Beth from Shut Up and Run} left her home on January 7th, 2012 for an early morning run and never returned.   

Today I ran 7 miles.
I dedicated every single mile, every single step, to the memory of
Sherry Arnold

As I ran I thought of Sherry and I thought of all the other people across the country,
across the world, running {or walking} in her honor today. 
I thought of her family and friends.  I thought about how this tragedy has brought so many together,
through running {or walking} in her honor.  I thought of Beth and I thought about her post from yesterday

Make the earth move! Feel the power of what you are doing.”  

I thought about how lucky I am that I can run, how some people can’t run, and how Sherry will never run again. 

Courage.  Strength.  Grace.
Never Forget

 Here is an article about Sherry, the virtual run, and some safety reminders.  Please take a minute to read it
{Thanks to Kerrie from Mom vs Marathon for sharing this article}.  


Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.  Matthew 5:4


Maureen said...

Nicely done, Jesse. I spent some time thinking about Sherry during my run this morning as well. It was definitely moving to know that so many people were out there running for Sherry today.

christa said...

Nice run Jesse!