Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly Recap {01/30-02/05}

Another week of 5 days of running!  This was a really strong and busy week overall.  On the first of February I started a pushup challenge and the plank-a-day challenge I started on the first of January continues!  I went to both Spin Boot Camp on Tuesday and regular Spin Class on Thursday.  I had a really great “long” run of 6 miles on Saturday and I ran 4 days in row – Thursday through Sunday.  On Saturday afternoon I started not feeling so well and by Sunday evening I had a fever, the chills, and body aches.

Due to my sickies I know this week will be a step back week from everything.  I missed a run on Monday already and I’m just going to take each day one at a time until I am feeling better!

I linked all my workouts to my Daily Mile logs if you really want to read about them. Are we friends on Daily Mile yet?!?

Weekly Recap {01.30.12 – 02.05.12}

Monday 01.30

Active rest day after a 5k race the day before!

Walk:  2.18/41:01

PT Exercises

Plank-a-day #30

Tuesday 01.31

Spin Boot Camp in the AM and speed work at the track with the running group in the PM.  I surprised myself at the track especially after a hard workout that morning.

I think I look funny in an ear warmer without a hat, hence the funny face I’m making!

Run:  2.69/29:11/10:51 avg {800 repeats @ the track --- 4:50, 4:29, 4:21, 4:19}
Warm-up:  0.47/5:18

Walk:  1.74/32:30

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {35min}

Spin Boot Camp Class {50min}

Plank-a-day #31

Wednesday 02.01

Walk:  1.00/20:15

PT Exercises

Gym – Cardio:  Elliptical {65min}

Pushups – Day 1

Plank-a-day #32

Thursday 02.02

I went to Spin Class in the AM and didn’t run until the mid-afternoon and it was a sweat fest with temps in the upper 60s.  I also did some strength training before spin class at the gym.

 02.02-1 02.02-2

Run:  3.60/37:07/10:19 avg
Warm-up:  0.23/5:01

Walk:  2.10/39:32

Gym – Strength Training {31min}

Spin Class {50min}

Pushups – Day 2

Plank-a-day #33

Friday 02.03

Easy evening run with the husband, decked out in our reflective gear :)

We sprinted the last 30 seconds and finished right in front of our house so we took Lucy for a walk for our cool down.


Run:  2.71/30:02/11:05 avg
Warm-up:  0.25/6:00

Walk:  1.04/20:15

Yoga:  28min {Video: http://youtu.be/ziVctQnyvwE}

Pushups – Day 3

Plank-a-day #34

Saturday 02.04

Great long run on a rolling hill trail nearby with my running group!  I zoned out taking photos and keeping an easy comfortable pace.  It was cold and a little foggy along the creek when we started but I warmed up quickly and enjoyed this run and the scenery.  This trail is one of my favorite places to run :)


Run:  6.33/1:13:02/11:32 avg

Walk:  1.63/33:35

Pushups – Day 4

Plank-a-day #35

Sunday 02.05

Decided to run with the husband before church and our Super Bowl party.  We ran to the post office to mail some bills and back home.  I wore a thick cotton sweatshirt because I was hoping to sweat out my flu symptoms … which worked, for a while, but by late that evening I had a 101 fever, chills, and full body aches!

Run:  2.5/32:50/13:09 avg

Pushups – Day 5

Plank-a-day #36

Total Miles = 28.47



JenWa098 said...

Ugh, I was sick a few weeks ago and it was like a cold with waves of nausea. I never take time off from work, but I did because I just felt weird! Feel better!

Suz and Allan said...

Another amazing week!!! You are such an inspiration!

Maureen said...

Awesome week!

christa said...

You rock! Hope you are feeling better