Monday, March 12, 2012

Meal Plan Monday {March 12}

Whew, what a busy weekend I had.  I was constantly on the go with very little down time.  But I did manage to squeeze in a few fun activities like some adventurous running across a dry lake bed and down some fun trails on Saturday morning and some race spectating on Sunday morning.  The weekend flew by and now it’s Monday morning and my first full week at my new job is ahead of me (I only worked three days last week).

I spent some time yesterday afternoon prepping for the work week --- made a quinoa salad, cooked some muffins, picked out my clothes for the week.  This week is going to be busy and exciting … and rainy.  It’s going to rain all week long which means running in the rain.  I’m mentally preparing myself now for it so that when it comes time to head out the door later in the week into the rain I’ll be ready. 

We didn’t stick to our meal plan exactly last week and ended up eating out on Saturday and picking up a take-n-bake pizza for dinner on Sunday from our grocery store (they make the best stuffed crust take-n-bake pizza).  I did do very well at work though and was well prepared with enough snacks and food to get me through my work days (while avoiding the cafe and vending machines).  I plan to share the recipe for the quinoa salad I made sometime this week (it was so good I made it again for this week’s lunches too). 

How was your weekend?  What do you eat for lunch at work during the week?


Monday ~ Tex Mex Sloppy Joes over shredded cabbage

I didn’t make these last week so they got pushed to this week :)

Tuesday ~ leftover pasta

… from last Friday night.

Wednesday ~ Madras Lentils (pre-packaged)

A friend gave us a box of these from Costco after I mentioned to her how much we have been enjoying lentils lately.  I’m planning on running Wednesday evening after work so I thought this would be a quick and easy meal for the husband to “cook” for dinner while I’m out running :)

Thursday ~ Tofu Tacos 

Simple yet delicious. 

Friday ~ Homemade Vegetable Lasagna

Look --- it’s something besides “pasta with marinara sauce” but it’s still technically pasta with marinara sauce.  I’ve been craving some lasagna for a few weeks (ever since I saw an episode of The Chew where Mario Batali was making 100 Layer Lasagna).  I’m going to cook my sauce on Thursday evening and I’m using no-boil noodles so prepping this will be easier when I get home from work on Friday night (which is good because if last Friday is any indication about how tired I’m going to be at the end of the work week then “easy” is definitely going to need to be a requirement for Friday night dinners – last Friday I fell asleep on the couch while the husband was cooking dinner).

Saturday ~ Homemade Chicken Rice-a-Roni

I’m adding poached diced chicken to this dish to make it a “meal”.

Sunday ~ leftover lasagna


What’s on your menu this week?
Do you meal plan? Why or why not?
Got a favorite recipe that I’ve got to try? Please share :)
Don’t forget to check out the links … you never know what you might discover! There are some GREAT food blogs & recipe websites out there :)

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Weight in {03.12.12} = 135.8 lbs
Loss/Gain from previous week = –0.6 lbs

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